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  1. To end the race baiting going on here lately, I will say KAP would give us a better chance to win right now then Cam. There are better options out there though.
  2. lol, Cam has been my favorite player since he came in to the league. I do realize though that he does not give us our best chance to win right now. Some of you should go ahead and take off the blinders and quit race baiting.
  3. CatfanMO

    Can the Panthers pull off a 2014

    If we cant it will be due to missed opportunities.
  4. Yeah, when he moves the team to St louis. This guy is ready for that!
  5. No one is hating, just stating the facts. Tell me when was the last time Cam threw an on target (in stride) deep ball? If you cannot admit cam has accuracy issues, you are clearly a homer. I love Cam, but only when he is running to keep Ds honest. Otherwise we do not win.
  6. No i get that. He is finally making a lot of short high percentage throws to make up for our trash oline. He is having a nice year as a passer, jut not elite.
  7. Im a huge Cam fan and catch a lot of crap living in Missouri, but we really need him to run the ball 10+ times a game. The last 2 he has had 2 carries.
  8. Yes, Cam misses a lot. Also, how many times do our receivers catch a ball in stride? Im not hating on him, just realistic. No one besides Panthers homers will put Cam in an elite conversation if he is not a runner. This is the very reason Gettleman went with these huge receivers.. Its due to Cam throwing everything high. He still has this problem.
  9. Dont get me wrong, he is having a solid season with the short passing game. There are not many QBs that miss that throw for the 2 pt. He still has major accuracy issues which keeps him average without his running threat.
  10. Cam needs to go back to running, or he is an average QB and we will lose out.
  11. If we dont get pressure on the QB, there isnt a team we can beat.
  12. CatfanMO

    Please Help a commissioner!

    I have been called out for having a hidden motive as a commissioner after this trade was vetoed by the league. The player below is a rookie and may not fully understand the game yet. Here is the rookie's team: QB: Brees/Russel Wilson RB: Hunt/Henry/ WR: Kupp/Watkins/Woods/Gordon/Cobb/Funches TE: Seals Jones/Engram D: Chargers K: Santos. Would you veto this trade? If so , which side is better. This team was going to receive Alfred Morris and Nyhiem hines and would send Cooper Kupp and Josh Gordon. This is a redraft .5 ppr.
  13. CatfanMO

    Oh ESPN

    Sorry, take off your blinders. It is nice in the real world.
  14. CatfanMO

    Curtis back at practice!

    Just in... Curtis Samuel injures self putting on helmet. He will not be practicing today.
  15. Must have just kicked the tires a little.