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  1. Hoping SF. Too many Chiefs homers here. That is why I was never a KC fan. They wont even watch a game all year, but now they all will be super fans.
  2. Calling it now... Browns will hire McDaniels. Brady will go to the Browns in hopes of getting them a SB and cementing his name as GOAT. Oh yeah, and AB will be a Brown also. He already said he wants to play with Brady and that crew.
  3. Ron's firing was like a "its not you, its me" break-up, .. Too nice of a guy to just tell to f off. The fans were screaming for the long overdue change and he made it happen.
  4. The difference is a competent coaching staff that builds around a great talent.
  5. i think its legit. Russel wilson and Cam can scramble. Take out the 2 Panthers games and Ryan is not a good QB this year. Point is.. If you have a horrible line, you better have a mobile QB or you look like Allen, Dalton, etc..
  6. If Jason Garret is the next Panther's coach after he is fired.
  7. We get to finally see what a team with a owner that wants to win and a new coach can do.
  8. If he has the ability to scramble, that will help.
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