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  1. I mean he certainly didn’t play well but neither did the rest of the starters on either side of the ball outside of McCaffery..it didn’t really matter who was the QB today the team just fell completely flat
  2. On par with your stat line Igo. I think he will be fairly efficient again he has the playmakers just don't try to do too much get the ball in those guys hands and let them go to work.
  3. I find it hard to believe that if Kyle Allen continues playing like he did Sunday and the team is winning that even Rivera is not stupid enough to mess with that. But this is Rivera so...
  4. You simply cannot take a QB playing like Allen did today out of the lineup. Let Newton rest until after bye week and then re-evaluate the QB situation.
  5. if you are betting take the cards @ +3.5 - line will move towards Cards all week. even if we win it won't be by much.
  6. what are you talking about OP the team is poo right now as fans we just want a team that goes out and gives us something to cheer for and represents our area and doesn't embarrass us. What we are seeing out of the Carolina Panthers right now is pure embarrassment and ineptitude. We as fans have a right to be emotionally critical with the product that is being put out there. Sorry we want to discuss changes we would like to see. Some coaches need to go. Some players need to go. it's just evident.
  7. Panthers 23 - Rams 20 Burns and Irvin get after Goff Samuel and Olsen both catch TD's
  8. If Cam's arm holds up and he plays every game i can't see us losing more than 6 games. I think offensive line will get better as season goes on and they gain more continuity. I think our defense has too much talent not to be good. Might be some struggles early still getting acclimated to the 3-4 but as long as Rivera is calling the shots and not Washington i'm not too worried.
  9. I've been to two panther games in my life and they won both times... I guess you could say I'm kind of a big deal!
  10. i'd be more excited if this was about 4 yrs ago..that being said Allen is still head and shoulders better than our other DE's
  11. thanks for what you do Igo..i love these threads after the games!
  12. if you want the 53 best players DG should not let RR into the room when making the cuts..RR will lobby for his favorites if it were me i would cut Todman and just roll with Stew, Fozzy, and CAP..then i would keep boykin..the rest looks pretty spot on..how about TJ Heath if he makes the 53..that would be awesome!
  13. what kills me is funchess has a hammy strain now..he needs to be out there getting all the reps he can..what a sucky day yesterday ended up being..i still like our WR core with funchess, ginn, and brown..then you throw in cotch and bersin as posession type guys..it sucks losing KB but as long as Cam and the defense can stay healthy i think we can still be a good team..hope is not lost in my eyes
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