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  1. eagles 34 panthers 27 ground game struggles but Cam plays well
  2. no he's being used fine. Giants sold out to stop run as game went on sunday. you don't take out mccaffrey just to give more touches to Anderson who did nothing with the touches he got anyway.
  3. CarolinaNut

    Whelp Norv

    It was pretty vanilla yesterday. No real imagination or creativity. Plays coming in late. Obvious calls in obvious down and distance situations. And that last Run with McCaffrey was one of the worst calls i have ever seen. I literally thought Norv lost us the game with that call cause i wasn't sure CMAC got the first down and we would not have been able to spike the ball to bring Graham on the field. Speaking of McCaffrey it just seemed like they were content on running him right up the gut all day even though the Giants seemed to tighten up those lanes as the game went on. Where was a screen or swing pass. I was left very underwhelmed by Turner yesterday but it's just one game.
  4. CarolinaNut

    Why did we run the ball?

    Please give Gano Norv Turners paycheck this week for that last play call..what a loser
  5. CarolinaNut

    What would the media say if Cam...

    better than Eli Manning sounding like he is about to drool on himself
  6. CarolinaNut

    DJ Moore blocking

    There is absolutely no reason Torrey Smith should be playing over DJ Moore. He isn't a good WR anymore. If you want that veteran presence in the locker room great but on the field he can watch from the sideline IMO. Funchess, Wright, Moore, and Samuel are all better WR's than Smith.
  7. but what does that have to do with our crappy defense and the point of the thread?
  8. CarolinaNut

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    they beat a bad colts team and a bad ravens team..this will be a W
  9. CarolinaNut

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Funchess is what he is..he is not garbage but we are trying to make him a #1 and that simply is not what he is..DJ Moore should be starting but y’all are going after the wrong player..he should be starting over Torrey Smith What a terrible trade that was and not because we got rid of Worley but because we took on that contract for a guy who cannot play anymore
  10. I still don’t trust defense to get a stop
  11. This is what your offense looks like when the defense is not scared of getting beat deep..we miss ted ginn sorely
  12. CarolinaNut


    Just a complete soft puss showing by us
  13. Game..falcons playmakers make plays..ours don’t
  14. CarolinaNut

    Norv Turner

    Can we just take a shot deep please..like just try one for love of god