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  1. 7 hours ago, MasterAwesome said:

    The Huddle is such an impressionable bunch lol.

    Cam Jordan talks trash: “What a piece of poo...F that guy”.

    Cam Jordan says something flattering: “What a cool, likeable guy”.

    It’s like the love/hate relationship with PFF depending on what their rating system says about our team at any given moment.

    Jordan has always took shots at cam and turned around and giving him huge respect. I think he just enjoys the challenge of playing against Cam. If he didnt think highly of cam he wouldn't mention him so much as most players just dont do that in regards to other players. He honestly hasnt giving me any reason to think otherwise and there is a part of me who really wants to hate his guts.

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  2. 11 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    I kinda wish we didn't have that 5th year option on Shaq to have forced our hand. We would've either already signed him to an extension that would probably put his cap hit for this year at significantly less than his current nearly $10M or we would've let him walk and TD would be here for another year.

    If we were completely sold on Shaq, he would've already been extended. That 5th year option really only helps you if you're dealing with a really good player at a premium position. QB, LT, WR, CB then yeah. Mediocre LB? Meh... I wish we didn't have that crutch. Make the call.

    Exactly...5th year and no extension means they are not sold on him yet like the rest of us and to me for a drop back linebacker that doesnt do anything extremely well i would have just let him walk. I think you risk taking the chance on a replacement there compared to other positions. Shaq doest elevate us nor does he bring us down but for 10 million...i take the cap room.

  3. 1 hour ago, Smithers said:

    Alex Armah?  Really?  And everyone on this board complains about Short, Thompson, and Bradberry. 

    Hurney drafted Cam, Luke, Davis, and Ryan Kalil.  And don’t play the whole “he had high picks” card.  Because the only true franchise player you listed (CMC) for G-Man was a high pick.  Hurney also has Norman and Smitty in later rounds.  Gman has Benjamin and Funchess as early flops.  

    Agreed.....and If we are being real, CMC was Richardson pick, i know Scot and other people like to use that analogy  whenever Hurney has done something good in the past so we at least gotta keep it consistent. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, pantherclaw said:

    Not a single person on this huddle disliked gettleman until Steve Smith was cut. Nowadays you guys are so obsessed with hating the man but you guys are still hating on him when it's all water under the bridge.

    That basically happened at the end of gettlemans first year with the team. So technically it didnt take long for people to start disliking him. Lol

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