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  1. beckersteen

    We could have a new starting left tackle

    One is the blind side...
  2. Speaking of WFNZ hosts wth happened to QCB? Not that I was a huge fan; it seemed like he just wasn't there one day.
  3. beckersteen

    To all whiners.....

    Literally what I was gonna post
  4. I hope I don't see his sorry ass next year
  5. This is like when they went for 2 vs the lions and my dad is like they are trying to get them to burn a time out and if they dont we will call time out and kick the point... No, Ron is not capable of planning like that.
  6. Hope he is ok. Was listening on my way to work when he come off and Bret came on. Scary. Please update if you can.
  7. I dont have to be a cook to know something taste like ass
  8. thats the fuging dumbest poo ive ever seen in my fuging life
  9. beckersteen

    lol eric reid has been blackballed

    Eric Reid said hes been drug tested 5 times already... They are after him for sure
  10. oh sweet next time I'll just say its not reactionary lol locking all those threads earlier but not this one hmm
  11. beckersteen

    Close a decent discussion topic?

    This is literally why the whole forum exists.. yet we can't talk about the fuging football game