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  1. I don't know about that based on how they looked last night.
  2. I realize he is a finely tuned athlete with above average hand eye coordination and balance, but one wrong fall off that thing could end his season. Can't they roll him down to practice in one of these? Can't ever be too sure.
  3. Admittedly, I don't keep up with the kids are wearing these days, but is Cam wearing a sports bra?
  4. But I thought this was the year he was finally healthy??? BTW, go search on Google for news on Matt Kalil and here is the chronological listing: Start from the bottom for a laugh
  5. ESPN and thinks? Two words that seldom collide in the same sentence.
  6. Gentleman and Benjamin at the same training camp? Caterer fixin' to get paid!
  7. So they signed him so special teams can work on fumble recoveries?
  8. I guess it is no longer vogue for writers to go out on a limb and pick this year to be the Buc's year
  9. Doesn't BleacherReport consider anyone with an internet connection and a marginal understanding of HTML an expert?
  10. So I don't keep up with it much, but I thought I heard about how much money and draft capital the Falcons had put into their OL over the past few years. They are ranked 22nd? Don't get me wrong. I hope that is true (or even too high)
  11. If I were Tepper, and I just double checked my bank account and I am not, I would be fine bringing in as much help as possible. Not a sign of weakness trying to get better at something you are already good at.
  12. ew, ew, can I be the first to ask if he can play safety this time?
  13. It just isn't the off season without Adam Shein saying things that tick off the huddle. Pete Prisco, you're on deck!
  14. This. The man once reset a dislocated finger mid play and then made the tackle on beastmode
  15. That is not a goal of mine, but thinking it will probably happen anyway.
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