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  1. I dont argue that the resume would be more impressive. Maybe GMs in the NFL think differently about that kind of thing than I do. I just know there are certain things people can do that guarantee I would never hire them again. What he did would be pretty high on that list. He did it publicly so everybody knows.
  2. First I have to get this out of the way, LOL at the Falcons Now that's over with... What a stupid thing to do for your own career. Unless this guy becomes the next hot top head coaching candidate, which NFL team is going to hire him after pulling that crap?
  3. Its a tie with the win going to Gross because he never convinced the team to bring a worthless family member to play for the team
  4. Why not, it's worked for Browns fans for decades
  5. I have a feeling, no data to support it. I think we will get a CMC pass to Cam tonight
  6. I wouldn't write home about Kalil. Or maybe I would, but mom wouldn't like what I had to say
  7. <ESPN> I'm sorry, the criteria for a good QB has been changed. It is all about yards now. </ESPN>
  8. Same thing happened at the end of the Redskins game. There was a taunting penalty after our failed 4th down try.
  9. If Shula was our OC, everybody knew our playbook anyway
  10. bigpoppa

    Sunday/Thursday games

    Agreed, 23 years of premature chicken counting have taught me that bitter lesson.
  11. So I guess this means next year we will have new roughing the blocker rules in the NFL
  12. bigpoppa

    PFF: Week 8 All-Pro Team

    I understand that the punter is a key component of a Ron Rivera offense. However after this game I would have thought we should see a few more Panthers on that list.
  13. When asked why Carolina's misdirection offense was so effective, Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith held up one hand and said, ''Look at my hand. Now if I smack you with this one (my other hand), you won't see it coming. That's how it works.'' https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/gametracker/recap/[email protected]/
  14. Toohudrad and wan fauth qwata yads. How is dat passable?