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  1. Getting beat by the Saints and Falcons twice a year? Seems like he wouldn't notice the difference
  2. Seems like the Panther's mission statement over the years
  3. You can be Greg Olsen's heir, but you can never be Greg Olsen's hair
  4. This has the possibility to make more memes than eating a W and stealing crab legs combined. I think the internet might literally break this time.
  5. I'm sure Bills, Dolphins, and Jets fans would love to watch Brady behind our OL.
  6. Who cares? The way the offseason is going, I expect we draft someone from Baylor in every round anyway.
  7. I have a friend in Waco that jokes the streets are paved in shiplap. The Ganes have actually made Waco semi desirable. I'm in Dallas and wanted to get out of the suburbs for some land. Had to move to a small town north of town and got 15 acres with a remodel ready home for what you could get 60 acres with a brand new home down there.
  8. Didn't see this yet, please delete if it has been posted. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/04/greg-olsen-says-his-parting-with-the-panthers-wasnt-really-mutual/
  9. If he retires and lets himself go, would he end up looking like fat Thor???
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