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  1. If I were Tepper, and I just double checked my bank account and I am not, I would be fine bringing in as much help as possible. Not a sign of weakness trying to get better at something you are already good at.
  2. ew, ew, can I be the first to ask if he can play safety this time?
  3. It just isn't the off season without Adam Shein saying things that tick off the huddle. Pete Prisco, you're on deck!
  4. This. The man once reset a dislocated finger mid play and then made the tackle on beastmode
  5. That is not a goal of mine, but thinking it will probably happen anyway.
  6. FIFY, That was an amazing play, but I've seen glaciers move faster than he did.
  7. "Gets caught napping at the snap" Replace Matt Kalil? Check
  8. The other two times we played the AFC south we went 6-10 and 7-9 And yes, they were also both odd years
  9. Wouldn't it be marvelous if this rule change made the saints lose a playoff game next year?
  10. I see Ward and I think of another un-drafted fullback we had many years ago.
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