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  1. Or even better your President Donald Trump. Inject people with lysol spray. LOL
  2. I actually like the pick up can't wait to see Teddy play in this offense. The team had to go in a different direction because what we had didn't deliver it's just the truth. For as electrifying Cam was he still didn't work on his mechanics even when he was healthy. I watched many games where the ball sailed 13ft or higher over the receivers head. Cam was great but flawed also, I wish him the best but I'm a bigger fan to the Panthers...Keep Pounding!!!
  3. Greg Van Roten can easily be replaced.
  4. We will be better than what we was last year. Which is not saying much but I think we will be a very competitive team. I'm thinking 7-9.
  5. Sports is pure facts. Cam Newton is good financially for the rest of his life and probably 5 other lives. The Cam Newton that I like seeing was gone after that Pittsburgh game. His career as a football player was done after that game. Look Cam is good man with his personality his should go into T.V.. and guess what that's where he is going to do greater than football...
  6. We are spoiled Carolinians to sports but give them time. I think they will deliver sooner than all of us think. When game time come around cheer them on. It's a new era don't be a s h i t t y Boston or worst fan....man
  7. Cam Newton is not the player he used to be. So you could be right.
  8. 7-9 will be the Panthers record next year.
  9. If you look at last year Bridgewater had a 99.1 QBR. I think paired with Joe Brady gives us a chance to win a bunch of games.
  10. Good my 11 year old cousin could out run this dude. Slow as s h i t, bye.
  11. It's had to say how we are going to look there is still the draft and alot of free agents out there. There is still a good chance to field a very competitive team this season.
  12. I don't understand this fanbase. If no other team wants him. Why should we have kept him?
  13. Thank you Iron Saint for being honest. The Panthers fan base is just emotional right now at the moment.
  14. Teddy Bridgewater did have the saints looking like contenders last year. Just saying with a 99.1 QBR
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