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  1. Is this COVID related? Perhaps cancelling practice in solidarity with other sports teams? We’ll find out hopefully soon.
  2. Can someone enlighten me (for real) what cancelling practice is doing to further social justice? It seems like an empty gesture. It’s easy to say hey let’s cancel practice and talk about racial inequality. It’s a whole other thing to actually advocate, raise funds, and push legislation to help the cause.
  3. I don’t care what people have to say about his coaching style. Coach Rivera is a stand up man and has shown nothing but love for Charlotte and the players he’s coached. F**k cancer. Keep Pounding.
  4. I’m telling you guys from my boy who played for him is that he’s all about grinders, people who are all in with football. Think about stories of Teddy B getting ribbed by teammates at Louisville for not going out and instead watching film. Why do y’all think C Mac got a huge contract extension? He treats his body well and is a baller. Those people that Rhule praises for being positionless are rated highly because that means they have a high football IQ and that’s a huge problem with stars in college fizzling out in the NFL. I don’t think Rhule is making any jabs at former or current players - he wants his staff and players to be all in all the time.
  5. Ha well I’m not surprised. This was posted back in June.
  6. Sitting on trademarks is scummy, but I guess this is way out so he doesn't look like a total tool.
  7. Thanks for making me open up the wound that is 2016-2019
  8. Jesse

    Corona Virus

    So I'm taking a class right now and we're in the lab portion. This guy had a migraine last week and left class abruptly. Turns out he tested positive and now I'm going to get tested... We'll see how this goes.
  9. That’s exactly my point. None of these have to deal with a defensive playbook. I can show you the 5 pages of fronts Kyle Shanahan’s QB and linemen have to identify defensive fronts. A defensive end only has to know if he has a 2 or 3 man surface and any front/stunt adjustment.
  10. I’ll list the 3 things that defensive ends need to know regarding a defensive playbook in a 4-3: Fronts Stunts Maybe 1 fire zone blitz Now their technique needs to be on point. They have to read the tackles block, block down step down, react to potential screen, look for any reverse or orbit motion, block destruction against a pulling guard or fullback. They have to have good hand fighting skills to get off the blocks.
  11. Luckily playing defensive end doesn't require too much mental aspect and football smarts, so I expect defensive lines to have the upper hand on offensive lines this year. I assume we'll be pretty raw, but talented enough to put a decent bit of pressure on QBs.
  12. He's only 24 and he's already hands down the best player in the league. Chiefs were smart to lock him up for that long.
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