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  1. Why? If we lose, we're going to be out of the wild card and we will be too many games out of first place in the NFCS. This season's over.
  2. Oh, don't forget we decided to call a timeout before the big Julio catch. Terrible coaching job.
  3. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE IT OUT OF THE ENDZONE? Dude our entire staff is trash.
  4. Rivera's tenure has to be over with a loss today. Our entire organization looks terrible today minus Luke and McCaffrey.
  5. Not a hot take: we’d be a top rush defense if we kept Star. Dude just let our backers fly to the ball.
  6. While we’re on the discussion of modding, where do we draw the line of shitposting and spamming? Should there be a limit of how often a poster can create threads?
  7. Nope, they installed it this week and Rivera gave them the green light according to an article on Panthers.com
  8. People complain about Rivera’s coach speak then get mad when he’s candid?
  9. If we keep allowing these BS backhanded topics everyday, people are going to continue to just flock to other sites to discuss the Panthers, a la /r/panthers.
  10. It's every coaches favorite call. Coaches call it to avoid an injury on an unnecessary play and avoid any turnover.
  11. I believe it was Peters and a later draft pick for a 4th and 2nd, not a first round pick.
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