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  1. Mods, why do we let this troll eat up the forum? This take is laughable and doesn’t reflect the views of anyone with any semblance of football IQ.
  2. Jesse


    If I was a Giants fan I’d be pissed
  3. Im happy to see him go anywhere but the NFC South! Nothing but love for TD.
  4. To be honest if I was making millions of dollars I wouldn't care what other people had to say either, lol.
  5. Jesse

    Olsen Debating Retiring

    I will cry like a baby back bitch if/when Greg retires. He and his family embody what it means to be a Panther and Keep Pounding.
  6. Like others said, it wasn’t good defense, but bad offense. Goff has receivers open all day, but if he wasn’t staring down one target he had pressure up the middle. He honestly looked like a rookie out there tonight.
  7. Why do some of us take what Ron says so personally? It’s just coaches talk.
  8. That’s embarrassing to be honest. Get over it.
  9. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/julius-peppers-panthers-retirement
  10. I hope I never have to see Brady and Belichick in another Superbowl after this year. The AFC east has collectively sucked for far too long.
  11. Jesse


    FTS Those fans on that forum are delirious Sean Payton got what he deserves Brett Favre sends his regards
  12. I think there should be a way to challenge penalties, but I'm not sure where we draw the line. Interference? Sure. Holding? They could call that almost every play. I definitely think cameras on the first down markers for every game and there should be chips inside the footballs to determine where the ball is in the field of play.
  13. Are you serious? He took the #32 ranked offense and turned them into the #10 ranked offense in a year. They leapt to #2 offense this year. The guy's a great coach.
  14. Let's not forget the Rams have a to 3 OL and today's best play caller.
  15. It's a tough decision to make, but the right one.