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  1. If there's smoke there's fire I suppose. It looks more and more like we'll be parting ways with QB1.
  2. The top half of the first round is giving me 2011 vibes. Lots of game changing playmakers on both sides of the ball.
  3. As long as Simmons goes in the top 6 we can get one of the top players at any position of need. We need either Simmons or a 2nd QB picked 1-6 and we can get our share of the top OT, DT or CB.
  4. No way Grant Delpin is available in the 2nd. I'd love to have him though.
  5. As much as I want and we need a OT, please no more Matt Kalil types. I'd rather have a Bryan Bulaga or Anthony Constanzo if we decide to move on an OT in free agency.
  6. My buddy liked a tweet from a Damiere Shaw that indicates he’s on the staff in some way. He was a GA and then offensive quality assistant under Rhule before moving onto a WR/pass game role at a different school. Not sure what capacity he’ll be in.
  7. I can only imagine how salty Falcon fans are with Shanahan running the ball for the win. If only he ran it just a handful more times in 2016 they might’ve had a Super Bowl win lmao.
  8. Words from the man himself “I don’t run the freaking West Coast Offense,” Shanahan explained, except he didn’t use the word, “freaking.” He used a different word we can’t print. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/sports/9363613-1
  9. Andy Reid - WCO, coached under Holmgren Matt LeFleur - WCO guy, studied and coached under McVay Arthur Smith - Was with Titans when LeFleur was there, I gotta assume he's built upon those principles
  10. The jet sweep and fake jet sweep, both to and away wide zone blocking are a staple in the version of west coast offense Shanahan runs.
  11. The game is won and lost up front! Having Shanahan calling plays definitely helps too.
  12. LA is definitely going to take Tua if he's available. Will they move up to #3 to avoid anybody else picking him up remains to be seen. I think the only teams that they'd have to compete with are potentially the Colts and Raiders.
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