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  1. I believe you guys traded up in the second round this year to the Dolphins and gave up a 2020 second round pick.
  2. Pull a Rivera and win 4 meaningless games and end up with the 10th overall pick or make significant changes, ensure a high draft pick and have basically half a year to find a coach? I’ll go with the latter.
  3. Rivera can’t fire another’s OC and blame it on him again. If anyone’s getting canned it should be Rivera tomorrow.
  4. I’m gonna be honest, Cam is missing wide open throws my varsity quarterback can make - and he’s a 16 year old sophomore. I love Cam and everything he’s done, but poor decisions, errant throws, slow runs, and lethargy between plays is what we’re going to get from him it will be time to move on sooner rather than later.
  5. Read an article where they heavily suggested it was that they wanted a person of color in the booth.
  6. 1. That was a whistle on 2nd down. The NFL needs to clamp down on that BS. 2. What else what Hopkins supposed to do?
  7. Vernon was GMan's worst pick. I think he has more personal fouls than tackles. Just a bad player overall.
  8. That's just bad reporting. Ben Roethlisberger's two alleged sexual assaults haven't overshadowed his play. I think Reid is doing something legally and peacefully - let him do what he wants.
  9. Cam's coming up soon and Kuechly soon thereafter. CMC will get big money, and we'll have to think if we want to extend Shaq Thompson and James Bradberry within the next year. Don't think we'll be able to or want to keep everyone.
  10. “FOX Sports announces that #Panthers TE Greg Olsen will be in the broadcast booth for #Cardinals-#Giants in Week 7, during his team's bye week.” https://mobile.twitter.com/mysportsupdate/status/1156261963892240390?s=21 I really look forward to listening to Greg after he retires. He’s well spoken and obviously knows a ton about the current state of the NFL.
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