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  1. Rookie camp. Want to see our young guys face some competition.
  2. Sorry, but this is the first thing I thought of after reading your post.
  3. With the QBs in our division we needed this pick. With what I heard about Sweat not taking criticism well--I think Mel Kiper said "this isn't a kid you can yell at"--I'm happy with this pick.
  4. Wow! A first round pick given up to move up 10 spots. Broncos did right.
  5. Do not want Gary... He didn't have the production in college that we need.
  6. What happened the last time the Lions picked a TE in the top 10 in the draft?
  7. Holy poo! HAHAHAH! If I'm a Giants fan I'd be pissed
  8. My rebuttal is that what constitutes a gimmicky system? I'm not sure of any gimmicky offensive system at the D1 level. The most unlikely college-to-NFL scheme that any D1 college plays is an option based scheme like Georgia Tech with Paul Johnson or New Mexico's offense. On a somewhat side note, the air raid and RPO offenses are the future of football. I've gone to clinics and everyone from peewee all the way to the NFL are using them now. Even peewee teams use RPO's nowadays.
  9. I believe we don't face a single team coming off their bye this year.
  10. I never said 1st. If we need to give a 2nd and fourth for example to move up 5-6 spots then I’m all for it.
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