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  1. Heinicke is a dog. I was at every home game for four years at ODU. I'm confident that he could manage a game and win one for us.
  2. Why don’t we call a timeout there? This is on Rivera.
  3. Yeah, they look terrible. Especially when covering a fuging receiver.
  4. I’m gonna say it. Luke’s taken a step back this year. EDIT: And he shows me up as soon as I post this.
  5. And everyone wanted more Moore. Trash.
  6. I wonder how much this D lies on Washington. I don’t remember our defense being this suspect since 2012.
  7. I totally agree. That’s all on the coaching. It seems as if they don’t emphasize those small details that separates medicre teams from great teams.
  8. Jesse

    If you like hybrids...

    Unfortunately the Cardinals optioned for Bucannon's 5th year option, which he's now in. So if anyone decides to trade for him they only pick him up for one year unless they want to sign him long-term. Unlike baseball, you can't just get traded and be able to play the next game. That only works if you're a monster in football (think Khalil Mack). That's a no for me.
  9. Jesse

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    No hold on that last play? fuging saints, man.
  10. Jesse

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    ESPN just had a mini-doc about the Gleason Foundation and how his foundation saved the life of Carmelo Diaz, a man diagnosed with ALS whose machines were running on gasoline. powerful stuff.
  11. Samuel again helped create a touchdown. Special teams is just as important as O and D!
  12. This is why Colin Jones is on the team. Terrible safety but great special teams player!!
  13. Jesse

    The Bye Week

    Con: can’t drunkenly yell at the TV for 3 hours this Sunday
  14. Jesse

    What NFCS boards are saying

    That is from a comment by user runhaterand on reddit FYI. Cowboys is just his flair. Yeah it’s a wild division for sure.