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  1. Let's not forget the Rams have a to 3 OL and today's best play caller.
  2. It's a tough decision to make, but the right one.
  3. This is like the third QB thread Igo's created in the past week. It sounds like you've officially hopped off the Cam bandwagon eh? No, according to Spotrac Foles has a hit of $20M next year. That would be ridiculous for a potential backup. Also we saw in the last two games Heinicke and Allen--both of which never started--did fairly well in Norv Turner's offense.
  4. Jesse

    Is Eric Reid Gone?

    This board has gone to poo. Threads like this represent why new posters shouldn't be able to make threads until they meet a certain pie limit or x amount of time on the board.
  5. Jesse

    Lance Taylor Gone

    What's the over/under on the amount of huddlers suggesting Smitty come in to be our WR coach?
  6. One reason he didn’t allow a sack is because they ran a college offense and had Lamar Jackson run like 20 times a game after Flacco got hurt. It’s hard to get sacked when you only throw the ball ~23 time a game.
  7. Jesse

    Black Monday News

    Marvin Lewis has finally be fired after 16 mediocre years with the Bengals. Terrible decision to keep him after being winless in the playoffs.
  8. Well, I do. Do you know how often we're in nickel personnel? Last year we were in it 50% of the time. So that means if we drafted a linebacker--assuming he would be behind the depth chart of Kuechly, Thompson, and potentially Davis--he would be on the field for less than half the defensive snaps. Don't forget that the kid is 5'11" and isn't even the top ranked inside linebacker by any draft coverage analyst or website.
  9. Are you high? There’s no reason we should pick a linebacker in the first round. In my opinion it’s Bosa > Greg Little/Jonah Williams > Clelin Ferrel > Greedy Williams. We need to get better up front. I wouldn’t mind trading future picks/players to go up and get Bosa.
  10. Wilks gets canned Monday morning and we bring him in within the next week.
  11. McCaffrey can do everything CJ can, but better LA has the 7th ranked offensive line according to PFF The Rams have a modern offense - they line up quickly which allows McVay to audible for Goff
  12. Why do you think we won’t stick with the read option? I don’t think we’ll go into our triple option set, but Heinicke’s been running the read option since 2011. He had over 400 yards and 11 rushing touchdowns in 2012 alone.
  13. Jesse

    Words from my source

    Are you willing to get permabanned if he's not?
  14. Jesse

    Heinike did what? Wtf

    It was pretty cool at the time because we were just a FCS school at the time and it made national news. We ran an air raid at ODU and we didn't have anything at RB that year. The guy's a beast at leading his receivers open and has a great vision of the field.
  15. Lets be clear, if and when Carolina parts ways with Rivera he will be a head coach somewhere. He has enough experience as a player and coach to a successful head coach. I mean look at Bowles, Joseph, Gase for example—Rivera is by far and large better coaches than they are.