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  1. Generational? A lot of evaluators and pundits don’t even have him at 1 anymore. I guarantee we don’t choose a WR. Edit: also saw this after posting. Could be a smoke screen, I will admit.
  2. This is just click bait. Kliff Kingsbury soon realized that you can't stay in 10 personnel in the NFL and be successful. We have DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel already on the roster. This offseason brought us Robby Anderson, Seth Roberts, and Pharoh Cooper (mainly as a return man). One of those guys is going to be off the field most of the game. The addition of a top WR would be criminal with the holes we have at DT, CB and NB.
  3. I assume they discussed it in the same breath that Joe Exotic discussed running for president.
  4. Saxy Inclination sounds like the name of a 6th round small school Gettleman pick.
  5. The guy will be the best defensive player in the draft. He can do it ALL. He’ll I’ll buy a jersey before he plays a snap if we pick him.
  6. This pandemic is a much bigger issue than football. We're losing jobs, our economy is going to take years to recover and people are dying. Good for Brees doing his part to empower and feed his community.
  7. So this is something I saw on Reddit. The pressure % is the number of snaps rushing the QB vs. the number of pressures (I assume sacks, QB hits, QB hurries). This is indicative of how well a player does regarding disrupting the passer in the NFL. I'm curious now as to what Everette Brown's numbers were... anyways now that I've give you PTSD, here are some numbers about last year's draft class and this upcoming one. Here are the rankings from the 2019 edge rushing class coming out of college, and next to it I've written the number of sacks they posted their rookie year. 1. Josh Allen (UK) - 26.8% | 10.5 sacks 2. Nick Bosa (OSU) - 19.7% | 9 sacks 3. Jaylon Ferguson (LAT) - 9.4% | 2.5 sacks 4. Clelin Ferrell (CLEM) - 17.4% | 4.5 sacks 5. Montez Sweat (MSU) - 17.3% | 7 sacks 6. Brian Burns (FSU) - 16.2% | 7.5 sacks 7. Maxx Crosby (EMU) - 16.2% | 10 sacks 8. Malik Reed (NEV) - 5.8% | 2 sacks 9. Porter Gustin (USC) —15.2% | 1 sack 10. Joe Jackson (MIA)—14.9% | 0 sacks Obviously these numbers are dependent on scheme, attempted pass rushing snaps, defensive back ability, etc. Below are what the numbers are for the class of 2020. Obviously we can't Chase Young, but here are some other candidates we may look to add in day 2 or 3 of the draft. 1. Josh Uche (MICH) - 26.1% 2. Carter Coughlin (MINN) - 20.7% 3. Chase Young (OSU) - 20.4% 4. Bryce Huff (MEM) - 20.1% 5. Terry Whittington (USM) - 20% 6. Kaimana Padello (HAW) - 18.9% 7. Darrell Taylor (TEN) - 18.6% 8. Zack Baun (WISC) - 18.5% 9. Trevis Gipson (TU) - 17.6% 10. Anfernee Jennings (BAMA) - 17.4%
  8. Shout out to the mod who updated the title with Robby Anderson's name.
  9. I gotta agree with you. RA is a legit receiver. Our WR corp is just as good as anyone's in the NFCS.
  10. When I look at the Ram head all I see is a giant penis
  11. First, I gotta say Aaron Donald is still the top dog in the NFL. Secondly, I'm at the stage where I think we should only go DL over OT in this draft if we trade down. Personally I think BPA is something like Wills/Wirfs > Okudah > Simmons > Brown.
  12. Some of the things they said were true; relying on his upper body strength to throw, poor footwork, has to use his mobility in order to excel at the QB position. What “they” were wrong about was Malzahn’s offense and his ability to read defenses. I think Hurts is mentally there. He has decent arm strength, pocket presence, and an ability to run. I don’t think he has the other things you need to be a QB like I previously mentioned. Got any argument as to why you think we should pick him in the 2nd?
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