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  1. No thanks. He’s looking for top tier DE money and always seems hurt.
  2. All black > blue top/silver pants. Wouldn't mind if we made the blue our primary home jersey, like what Denver did with their orange a few years ago.
  3. That's like asking if AD is the face of the Lakers. He's good. But he ain't Bron good.
  4. Oh my God. This is the year, boys.
  5. I’d like to be signed by the Panthers too, but that’s not happening.
  6. Rookie camp. Want to see our young guys face some competition.
  7. Sorry, but this is the first thing I thought of after reading your post.
  8. With the QBs in our division we needed this pick. With what I heard about Sweat not taking criticism well--I think Mel Kiper said "this isn't a kid you can yell at"--I'm happy with this pick.
  9. Wow! A first round pick given up to move up 10 spots. Broncos did right.
  10. Do not want Gary... He didn't have the production in college that we need.
  11. What happened the last time the Lions picked a TE in the top 10 in the draft?
  12. Holy poo! HAHAHAH! If I'm a Giants fan I'd be pissed
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