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  1. I guess it's better than New Orleans. But damn am I upset he couldn't get in anywhere else.
  2. Joe Brady's philosophy that it's not about the scheme itself, it's about getting the 1 on 1 matchup you want. It's evident that's how New Orleans offense runs. For example, you'll see Kamara motion out wide which allows two things: it shows it's zone for the QB; and allows Michael Thomas to key up against a safety or maybe even an inside linebacker. Not only does Sean Payton do this in the pass game but also the run game (wide zone, duo, zone read with he-who-shall-not-be-named, etc). Anyways, I've charted about half of LSU's offense during this quarantine. This means formation/shift/motion/play/tag/etc. Joe Burrow spread the ball out a lot using simple passing concepts, pre-snap and post-snap RPO's. They had 5 receivers with over 44 catches--pretty balanced if you ask me. Of those top 5 receivers, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was the only one who had less than 7 Yards/Catch. These two pieces of information really tell me that even if Curtis Samuel's production doesn't rise, it doesn't mean he won't be a major contributor--he and all of our receivers are going to be much more efficient. This means that receivers should have a higher yards/catch, 1st down efficiency, and TD/catch ratio.
  3. On a level of playing at the highest level consistently it’s Luke hands down. Yeah Cam won the MVP, but we don’t go to the Super Bowl if Luke’s not on the team. Honestly it’s a toss up. They’re all Panther greats regardless. I miss the behind the scenes leadership Pep brought and the on field attitude Smitty had. We’ll never see anyone in a Panthers uni come close to those guys anytime soon.
  4. In his retirement announcement video, Luke said “some of my favorite memories are from this linebacker room, in the locker room and on the bus.” To me it really speaks how professional and serious Luke took his job. That’s the difference between just another guy and a HOFer. If Luke even puts half the effort into scouting as he did as a player he’d be a damn good one. If anything from watching Luke the past 8 years, anything less than perfect is unacceptable for Kuechly. We’re fortunate as a fan base to have rooted and cheered for such a stand up guy.
  5. One of the coaches played with PJ at Temple so he was able to get him to come talk to our kids through a Zoom meeting. He seems very professional and continued to reiterate "the grind" a lot, like what Rhule says often.
  6. Well when we're used to seeing Cam/CMC everyone is going to look skinny
  7. "He hears voices that tell him when danger's near." I'm not sure how I feel about this lmao
  8. Hey at least tickets are gonna be cheap this year
  9. As much as I would kill to have Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Trey Lance from NDSU look to be legit. Oh and there's a LEGIT generational talent at offensive tackle in Penei Sewell. Did I mention the J'marr Chase, who should be one of the top WRs in the NFL? What I'm trying to say is that there is a LOT of talent coming out in this years draft. If we don't get Lawrence we will still get a blue chip recruit.
  10. "as a Seahawk" I just threw up in my mouth a little reading that
  11. Just showing you what our official roster looks like as of right now... Edit: "If the best wr is a TE tho" lmao ok I'm getting off Huddle now
  12. "Chinn gives us an opportunity to have somebody that can be versatile, that can play the nickel, that can play the tight ends that we're going to face man to man, could be an excellent run defender as well, so he brings versatility," head coach Matt Rhule said. Sorry, but you wouldn't put a #1 corner in the box or on a tight end or tout as a great run defender. Can he line up with receivers? Most definitely. Is he a corner? No way.
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