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  1. They coach like most teams coach with a big lead in the second half. You can't argue with the results....unless you expected a 16-0 season,. I guess.
  2. The worst second half team in the league could never go 15-1. Bruce Arians is an idiot.
  3. They do. The Panthers are having one of, if not the most, dominant seasons in the history of the NFL(the 85 Bears and the 72 Dolphins are the only other teams even in the conversation). But you'd never know it by reading these game threads.
  4. Cam is putting on a clinic.....and again, making his critics look like morons.
  5. Offense is on track to put up 48 points, but you'd never know it by looking at the last 30 or so pages in this thread.
  6. 17-1 this year and has his team up 17-7 in the first half. You definitely need to GTFO.
  7. They should bench him. But then you'd probably stop crying, so maybe they should leave him in for another drive or two.
  8. If Cam doesn't start hitting those, they'll never be able to get back into this game. It must really suck to be so upset when your team is up by 17 in the first half.
  9. Short is unreal. He's going to get a monster contract.....and he clearly deserves it.
  10. That's not entirely accurate. You didn't seem to want Newton prior to the draft. You weren't as down on him as TRD and grits were, but it was pretty close. To your credit, you let up quite a bit after he was drafted, from what I can remember. I'd love to reread some of those old threads.
  11. Did you see him hit Olsen on that bootleg? What's he thinking today?
  12. We know that he does. The question has always been if his WRs can catch them. Someone should make you pick another username.
  13. Ginn is terrible. Hopefully, this is his last season as a Panther.
  14. He wasn't hotdogging. He was looking for a receiver or running lane and didn't see the LB......regardless of how Joe, Troy and a lot of posters in this thread seem to have seen it.
  15. Same posts. Different game thread. What motivated you to pick that username?
  16. I've got the fact that it's 14-7 , early in the second quarter....and you're acting like a .......
  17. I didn't say that it meant that it was time to take the foot off of the gas pedal, but it'd be enough to keep me from losing any sleep over a couple of missed opportunities on offense.
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