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  1. That's a real scum bag right there.
  2. You guys are real heroes.. thanks for offering support to those that need it.. wish I could do the same but I got no check coming in anymore.
  3. He also has diabetes.. which is supposed to make the coronavirus even more deadly to him.. but glad he is beating it.
  4. Yeah that's what's so scary about it..
  5. prayers up for sean.. hope he will be ok.
  6. Yeah its gonna take quite some time for the economy to recover from this.. people need to just keep themselves at home and let the good people working on vaccines and meds get it done.
  7. whoops I dont know why i didn't remember that.. good catch.
  8. I rather the chiefs win since they haven't won one yet.
  9. yeah don't see cam wanting to stick around now.
  10. watch him sign with the redskins for 1 year and then retire.. lol
  11. I hate hurney so fuging much.. he is a leech that somehow has a death grip on this franchise.. burn off the leech tepper!
  12. all of this doesn't mean much to me if marty hurney is still the fuging GM.
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