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  1. Considering how long he held onto shula I just don't see ron getting rid of washington anytime soon results be damned.
  2. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Well it does seem like something ron would do.. I mean after all he benched cam over a tie.
  3. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Well people say it's his social media usage getting into fights all the time.. but I haven't heard anything about the panthers having any kind of social media policy.
  4. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    How hard would it be to give him more carries? esp in short yardage downs where he is clearly suited more for than CMC is?
  5. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    CJ also has one thing that CAP doesn't that is very important... playoff experience.. he knows the grind and knows what the SB is like.. that is invaluable imo.
  6. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    It's like self sabotage.. ron and hurney are trying to stay alive and keep their jobs and they do this..
  7. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    What stats are you looking at? he only has 180 yards total rushing with zero rush tds.. and 7 receiving tds.
  8. Toolbox

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    CMC already locks down the pass catching rb role.. unless norv just wants pass catching RBs only.
  9. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Yes that's why u got pissed off people in here... we swapped a good rb for a rb who only has 180 yards in 5 seasons with zero tds... that's beyond baffling.
  10. Toolbox

    Sean Payton smashes fire alarm

    I did too and nearly electrocuted myself lol
  11. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Only the panthers would be at 6-3 and then decide they need to release a pretty good cheap back up RB only to sign a RB that only has 180 rushing yards with zero tds in 5 seasons... can someone please wake me up from this nightmare?
  12. Toolbox

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    He didn't ask for release.. he was treated like dirt.