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  1. yeah sucks he couldn't at least be serviceable.. he gets pushed around way too easily and maybe once in a blue moon he will make a decent play.. hope he can turn it around this year.
  2. Yeah and now D&D will fug up star wars even more now... I swear we can't have anything nice anymore.
  3. Yeah cut or trade butler and get this guy.. he is legit.. but it won't happen.
  4. Still couldn't hurt to see what he can do.. can you imagine if sam mills never got a shot?
  5. Yeah the way she kept touching him really pissed me off because she never once considered the health of herself and her baby.. but then again love makes people do really stupid poo.
  6. I really like this mini series
  7. Don't do it.. it will just break your heart when the last 2 books never come out.
  8. I honestly couldn't believe how shoehorned bronn is in the show.. the dude had very little impact in the books.
  9. Honestly it's hbo's fault this season was rushed.. they had every opportunity to fire and replace D&D and extend GOT for at least one more season for a proper farewell.. I honestly rather we get a spinoff about robert's rebellion than a spinoff for arya on a boat heading west..
  10. even if they could play its not like we could afford them.
  11. Preferred taylor here but burns is still a good pick.
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