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  1. Toolbox

    Roughing the passer

    jesus christ this is gonna be a boring ass superbowl.
  2. Toolbox

    Panthers hire Hostler as WR coach

    whatever happened to ricky proehl?? dude was a rising star and then nothing?
  3. Toolbox

    David tepper speaks.

    I am just tired of the same song and dance with this franchise.. I just want a real brand new change with coaches and GM.. no more JR stink please.
  4. NICK FOLES U fuging fine young male
  5. The NFL will do everything they can to get a brees v brady superbowl.. be real.
  6. come on eagles I dont want a fuging brady v brees super bowl
  7. Toolbox

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    he just mad coz he missed his chance to play knight in shining armor in the futile hope of bedding her... pretty pathetic really.
  8. Ugh CJ could have been so good here..
  9. The NFL is gonna try its hardest to get brees v brady.. we all know it.
  10. Yeah it's ultra frustration to see ron coach great one season and then completely regress to his old self.. I don't get it.
  11. Way too early for this prediction... still need to see who we get in the FA/draft first.
  12. I def think it's the NFL lying.. they think they can't be damaged by some lowly NFL player... guess we will find out.
  13. I just wanna know why eric washington wasn't either fired or moved back to coach DL?? and rodgers?? what is up with that guy? he is bulletproof.
  14. Toolbox

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    the whole efe obada thing was really really strange.. he has one good game and he just disappears.. mostly because ron didn't give him any real PT.