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  1. Does anyone here really think ciara married him for his looks?? lol
  2. I mean he is a veteran and we know what we get with him instead of a DE from the draft.. we really need some proven DL help badly.
  3. Bell got his money but he is playing for a bad team in a really tough division.
  4. lol jesus redskins 84m?? wow
  5. Damn steelers really really wanted to get rid of him.
  6. Well they did just give torrey smith $5m so hurney giving $9+M to williams wouldn't even really shock me.. but it would confirm that this franchise will still be a dumpster fire for a while longer.
  7. They are asking an awful lot for a guy on the downside of his career and age.. where ever he lands he better hope he has a good QB.
  8. This is ron we are talking about after all.
  9. lol so much for tepper changing the culture of the franchise.. poo is still the same.
  10. Torrey smith has to be a cap casualty... right guys?? o wait I forgot ron was still our coach.........................
  11. He was a pretty good ST player.. thanks for all you did good luck on the market.
  12. Great now we just need a FS who doesn't suck ass.