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  1. Also need ebada to prove he isn't just some flash in a pan much like ealy was.
  2. lol defense is a much bigger problem than the offense..
  3. They are much better than their 2-4 record.. they had 2 very close losses against 2 really good teams.. I hate the failcons but I am not writing them off as a easy win.
  4. Yeah it was believed that tepper led the charge on that
  5. Tepper tried to get rid of tomlin
  6. Our entire front 7 sucks... after all that hoopla over obada for having a 1 sack 1 int game he has done absolute zero since.
  7. Toolbox

    Eric Reid

    He is a massive hypocrite.. he said he wouldn't kneel and cause controversy and find other more productive ways to protest... so much for that huh reid?
  8. Uhhh Atlanta is a damn good team this year.. so I think they will sweep us too.
  9. Yeah tepper isn't innocent in this.. bringing reid in knowing full well the hot potato that he is would cause a distraction.. first thing when I get on the internet when looking for info about the game was all about reid kneeling.. that's just stupid.
  10. Toolbox

    Ted Ginn up for trade?

    ted ginn doesnt even wanna be here
  11. Toolbox

    Breaking Panthers News

    I rather he didn't play until absolutely 100%..
  12. Toolbox

    Byrd out again

    damn this is all reminding me of the david gettis saga.. shame.
  13. well to be fair to OBJ the giants are a dumpster fire with eli at QB.. the dude needs to retire.