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  1. this will end like a season of the Walking Dead.
  2. you know you gobble that up while in your pre owned Prius with NPR being the first preset station. you crack me up Jim Gafigan.
  3. says the guy listening to Imagine Dragons as he smashes his cucumbers in some hummus. you are whiter than me. lol
  4. stop crying and trying to be a psuedo Che. the both sides still stings you for some reason but it doesn't apply to everything little guy.
  5. there are posters who think there is ZERO racism? whoa mama.
  6. oye. Yeah she has been shamed but some more. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/04/it-was-bad-donna-brazile-breaks-silence-on-latest-awan-brothers-scandal-stunner-video/
  7. and to be clear. whatever they find on Trump prosecute, fine, jail, whatever needs to happen. But dont let this circus distract from the shady stuff from the DNC that is just as inextricably linked to this as well.
  8. now articulate the IT scandal that is free from opinion. I believe in you. you can do it.
  9. did you see how fast Forbes was discredited on something completely unrelated to what I posted? hence the request to do their own homework.
  10. again you are overthinking because you see my name. Not saying Mueller has nothing at all. I'm saying it won't be as salacious as many hope for but at the same time I'm saying that Awan brothers issue is a piece of this large puzzle. Sorry for making some of youe syntaxes to misfire.
  11. dont get them confused with the Avett Brothers. two TOTALLY different groups.
  12. see now you sound like Dem parrots. The Awan brothers is what I'm talking about. Did they or did they not at one point work for Wasserman and now are no longer? less inflammatory site Forbes for some context. https://www.forbes.com/sites/frankminiter/2017/11/13/congress-it-scandal-is-being-kept-behind-closed-doors/#1a73e6b93fc7
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