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  1. Udogg

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    This place ebbs and flows. I for one avoid this place like he plague after a loss. It's toxic. Also good posters don't waste their time much anymore because you can type a well though otu post and the only response you get is.. Your a homer/hater. A new generation will migrate on soon enough.
  2. Udogg

    It all about the money

    Everything is about the money! Life is rigged too in case you haven't noticed it or not. Think about all the problems we have right now and short of probably 1 or 2 exceptions its all about money. Oh and btw integrity is a tool that people in power use to keep the others thinking that they aren't screwing them over.
  3. After the Cam diss he was dead to me anyway. As a human being I wish him health and happiness. Other than that...
  4. Nope..not our best. But with the threat of Cam and all the misdirection... it's very good for what we do.
  5. Udogg

    coolest halftime ever

    It's the climate dog. Especially considering what's coming up.
  6. Gotta wait for the injury.
  7. True in most cases.. but for instance last game.. I think John Brown had most yards, most touchdowns and DJackson was on him most of the game. But bigger WR's such as Julio/AJ Green was Bradberry.
  8. Udogg

    Norv ~ Shula?

    OMFG.. Are you really saying tha Russell Shepard, Kaelin Clay, Brensin Bersin and Kelvin Benjamin were any any way shape or form comparable to this years roster!!!!!! And you are saying other people need their eyes replaced and a brain transplant!!!! oh and Also Olsen was injured the first half of the year and was gimpy as fug until the playoffs. Norv is doing good work..but don't fugging pretent like last year we had talent oozing everywhere.. especially at the WR position.
  9. Udogg

    Norv ~ Shula?

    I think it's a valid point and something we will never learn for sure. To say the offensive weapons are vastly improved from last year is an understatement. I man even looking at our offense with Ted Ginn and without Ted Ginn shows a huge difference. Factor in the minus Kelvin "Krispy Kreme" Benjamin there is a huge improvement as seen near the end of last year. Just the difference in CMC, last year he was not breaking "any" arm tackles. This year he is breaking damn near all of them. Not to mention the subtraction of Kalil..sheesh. If anything Norv brings confidence that he know's what he is doing. That is huge in itself. But if everyone is honest, the offense doesn't look hugely different. Maybe more bootleg action. Lots of shorter passes. Cam isn't getting the ball out any quicker. Just more willing to take the short passes. The team speed is night and day from last year. So could we have been successful with Shula still at the helm? Maybe. But sometimes a different voice is necessary and Norv has the capital to back up his words.
  10. Udogg

    Another player honor

    What a difference a year makes... ..go back and read the Gano threads from a year ago. Good times..
  11. 1. It's a division game. 2. Historically we struggle against backups.. (although I have no idea what fitzmagic figures into). 3. Deshaun Jackson has always burned us at least once a game. Will be a good game to see if we are where we think we are.
  12. Bills defense is playing their ass off.
  13. Udogg

    Time to get excited.

    Yeah it is actually. Everything is starting to smooth out. Defense played much more aggressively this week and it showed up in the performance. Seems like defensive play has picked up since TD has been back. Coincidence? I think not. Offense looks like it's working out the kinks. The more we use all our weapons, the harder we are to defend. Oh and we actually have weapons!!! Cam is being the Cam we all know he could be.
  14. Good Damn question...... I know I want to poo on Kalil.. but tbh.. I know he is better than Clark. How much better? That's the question. Usually vets don't lose their position over injury like tat, so he is gonna start again when he comes back. What it does to line chemistry? I hope it don't fug it up.
  15. So the first 3 quarters we look totally inept but are actually playing better than Eagles. All this to set the eagles up to make an epic comeback in the 4th quarter.