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  1. They aren't making mistakes folks. Stop kidding yourselves.
  2. There is nothing positive to glean from this iteration of the Panthers. IMO, this team is more disappointing than 2010.
  3. The one thing they could not do was start slow...what'd they do? Didn't even start.
  4. I'm guessing here, but maybe it's that the team maintained status quo? Maybe we all realize this was a bad idea? Maybe we knew Ron was a bad coach, Hurney is abad GM, Norv is old and this whole traveling circus is about to implode? Yeah...something is wrong all right.
  5. He said and I quote: “Ya mom is a pill head and Kim is a known slut. What do you think Haley gon be when she grows up” *referring to Eminem’s daughter*
  6. Phil, you're the yin to my yang the up to my down... just skip the game and get rowdy at a good pub. The Brits are a drinking people and you should be able to forget why you came in the first place.
  7. So no changes. No adjustments. No replacements. Nothing. Just line up and do it again.
  8. How anyone thought Hurney was anything other than Hurney is fuggin hysterical.
  9. How could you blame a 30 year old millionaire family man for walking away? You can’t. And he will have my unwavering support should he choose to do so.
  10. You're right you're right. I hate him too. Friends?
  11. Ron just threw Cam all the way under the bus. What a fuggin dick.
  12. Look hang on... How am I taking up for Norv? fug them both I just really hate Shula.
  13. Stats are for nerds. Shula couldn't win at Bama and Norv has big big diamonds and they didn't come from his daddy.
  14. If he's not an affirmative action hire, I cant explain his employment.
  15. Just for clarity's sake, this isn't a metaphor, there were literally 2 morons wearing headsets trying their damndest to be the worst team on the field.
  16. Even at this exact moment that's fuggin retarded.
  17. It looks like Cam is losing all accuracy when he's not able to just rip it. (Not that those looked better) But this new throw of his, has him thinking and trying to guess how hard he should throw it. He's lost the "feel". Not sure its a correctable issue without the thousands of reps it takes to achieve muscle memory.
  18. Agreed. If Cam can't Cam, then he isn't Cam. Why would you play a Cam that's not Cam? Ya dig?
  19. thought about it, still dont think Cam is done. I do think his foot is hurt but that's no better. Coaching is supposed to mask deficiencies not display them and stick out our chin for the sweet uppercut.
  20. Can we focus on 1 thing right now? RIVERA must go. Now. Like Right the fug now.
  21. Can we open it just a bit to throw Hurney's ass out?
  22. I said between now and the bye. A loss at AZ will be the death knell.
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