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  1. Am I the only one who read the title as "Why is the Panthers fanbase rank?"
  2. These are so effin good. My lord. I love this team. except Hurney
  3. This team will not be mediocre. We will either kick entire asses or gobble copious amounts of dong sauce.
  4. Damn I thought DJax missed a start with an ankle? Oh well I had all the others.
  5. If any franchise should be embarrassed by this it’s the Hornets. Sigh... they’re never gonna be good huh?
  6. This is a factual statement. A tripod is vastly more sturdy than a bipod.
  7. Never woulda noticed if you didn't point it out. Now I cant un-see it. Dude does appear to be smuggling a vegetable or gourd of some sort.
  8. He painted himself into a corner after picking all the other teams. He cant have every team in the division winning 11 games. Shoddy work, hastily cobbled together for a big market slob fest.
  9. Unfortunately it goes 1 of 2 ways, either they call 15 minutes after they last saw the person or days weeks even months later. I had a call from a female who hadn't been able to find her father. Turns out she hadn't seen him in a year. He passed away in that time.
  10. He cant even remember who he picked for us. I bet he picked the other NFCS teams and painted himself into a corner.
  11. Ive got a bit of background in 911 dispatch, and that should read "missing/endangered person". The protocols for a missing person are very close to the protocols for an endangered person. Endangered persons: Folks who require daily meds, juveniles, elderly, and handicapped. Hope this helps.
  12. 1 freebie? Ok, but ima crow hop into that bitch. Matt Ryan would catch this hand. Then id prob hit him again.
  13. Where is this in real life? I thought EA was all about “if it’s in the game...” That sounds like putting Bo and Marcus in the backfield at the same time. (Old farts will get it)
  14. I’m sorry Trill I just can’t do that. its bad, and has been bad since you bought it last. Buy something else or buy 04 again and rock with that.
  15. They’re gonna pay him. What? Idk. It wouldn’t shock me to see him sign in the 7-10 range and I can’t be mad at that. Not the way teams are paying guys now. JB is not the unreasonable type. He strikes me as the guy who would sign for less just to not deal with moving.
  16. ok. Not trying to play word games but if there are younger guys with better stats than JB when their times come they should command more than him. I don't understand your point here? 1) because they did better 2) cap increases/position demand etc Now, the existence of other players does nothing to help our team. We can sign JB or not, that does not make the other guys available. If an upgrade is available sure, no argument. But if we don't sign him or just cut him you better have a replacement ready. Im on record not being a fan of our staff or FO, but they love the guy. He's here, period.
  17. I don't recall an argument to pay him elite money. He's a solid player, therefore, solid pay. 10mil or there about should be just fine for a humble kid like JB.
  18. I don’t have the time to sift thru the leagues CBs. Nor do I endorse paying a “solid” CB more than 10mil per. That’s about right. Solid numbers for solid numbers. Jackson should turn in our splash plays.
  19. Oh he gave up 7 TDs huh? Hmm... now how can the 14th ranked corner with the 3rd lowest catch rate and lowest yards of separation manage to get "burned" 7 times for scores? Context is everything. The kid is as solid as a rock. Give him a solid deal and quit stressing.
  20. I really need to see this line protect Cam. Its gonna take some time to get him to trust it again. He's been getting wrecked in the pocket. Its to the point he's safer gettin outside and running. My suggestions (close cousin to the anus rectumus): Run hard. Get this line exploding off the snap and crushing DLs and LBs. Aggressive one cut down hill runs following lead blocks by Armah/Olsen/Thomas Set up RPO with CMC/Samuel/DJ or PA with CMC/Olsen/DJ/Samuel/Hogan Let Cam build his Mojo behind this solid front and he will cock smack the league.
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