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  1. There's more luck involved in any super bowl run than most fans want to admit. I don't even disagree with the OP's premise that moving up to get Burrow would be a bad move-too much draft capital for too big a risk, just think his logic and numbers were a little off
  2. To be fair, he said how many QBs, not how many superbowls they had, he missed Aikman, I did too, I'll go back and correct my post in a second, but he said 3 had been drafted that won superbowls, and he was off by one. You can disagree about Young and Wentz, but Wentz didn't win the super bowl, and Young was drafted before the cutoff he set. So my count [ I should be working, but hey, ] There are 18 different QBs who have won in the last 30 years Num 1 overall 2 Peyton 2 Elway 3 Aikman 2 Eli 1st rounders Rogers Flacco 2 Big Ben Dilfer So 14 out last 30 super bowls won by first rounders, without Brady, that number is higher. 4 number one overall picks and 4 more 1st rounders, so 8 first rounders and 10 others Here's the rest: 6 Brady - 6th rounder 1 Wilson- 3rd round, only because of height 1 Brees 2nd rounder, would be first rounder today 1 Brad Johnson 9th 1 Warner Undrafted 1 Farve 2nd, same as Brees , first rounder today 1 Young- 1st rounder before cutoff set by OP 1 Rypien 6th rounder 1 Hostetler 3rd rounder 2 Montana 3rd rounder Actually going to throw Young in to the first rounders, so of the 18 QBs, 9 were drafted in the 1st round, 9 later or undrafted. Think that counters his point better than the one you made. Using the criteria he used, still best odds for finding a super bowl winning QB is to draft one first round.
  3. Load up the lower level coaching positions with NFL veteran coaches- say get a former head coach to be ass't head coach for offense. Should be the best of both worlds- the experience the rookie coaches can draw on and the fresh perspective and ideas the rookies bring.
  4. Edit: should be 4 QBs not 2 : The 2 4 QBs picked number one that won as starters says a lot more about the teams drafting than the ability of the QB themselves. in the last 30 years, excluding QBs taken last two years because it's too early to judge, that's 2 4 out of 15. Couple of the other 13 were really good QBs that couldn't stay healthy- Palmer, Luck. Most of the rest shouldn't have been drafted number one- Carr, Winston, George , Couch, Smith, Bradford, Russell. Then there's, sigh, Vick. Sigh. After Vick got arrested, I defended him saying nobody was stupid enough to lose a 100 mil contract and another 100 mil in endorsements to fight dogs. ######## idiot. After that, the Falcons boards had to create a Vick forum for all the Vick threads, and if you referred to Vick on the main forum, the thread was automatically moved. We took to using YKW [you know who] on the main board to be able to mention him when the thread wasn't about him. But I digress. Also, if you look at the QBs taken 2-32 in that time period, again, excluding last couple of years, only 4 of the 54 QBs drafted have won a super bowl. That doesn't look much different than 2 4 of 15. if you do the search for rounds 3-7, odds are actually much worse for finding a QB. There's 6 out of 300. Those numbers are going to change after this next super bowl. And they're going to change the next few years- Wentz, Watson and Jackson all look capable of winning a super bowl if they can stay healthy. If Mahomes loses in two weeks, add him to that list. Cam and Ryan certainly could have won a super bowl, sigh, again. Both Cam and Ryan could still win one. Think the real takeaway should be it's really hard to find a great QB.
  5. Pretty sure all teams think their ESPN beat reporters suck, because they do. If they're good, they get promoted to national stories or get hired by outlets like the National.
  6. Sorry to hear that, hope it's not serious. Hate to see any player go down like that.
  7. You can't unfortunately. What you can do is capture a screen shot I'd the comments and email them to me at [email protected] and I'll see to it that it's addressed accordingly.

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