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  1. Mildly surprised by this signing. Don't think Cam is a good fit for what the Pats have done on offense. Also think that Tom Brady covered up a multitude of flaws in that offense that Cam won't be able to. For those thinking that it shows Belichick's genius, I would point out he signed A Brown recently. I do wonder about the conflicts that the refs are going to have- "Must protect the Pat's QB" vs, "Cam Newton is a RB" Going to be interesting to see how they resolve that. Assuming he's healthy enough to survive a years worth of pounding that every QB gets, which is hardly a given, but , assuming he's healthy, he certainly has the tools to succeed in the Patriot system. I can see a comeback story where Cam wins a lot of games in NE under Belichick. You KNOW Belichick would love to win a super bowl without Brady. Also think Cam could get cut in training camp because his body just can't hold up any more. I hope they manage to play this season, lots of interesting story lines, including this one.
  2. Odds of a starting QB going down are much better than the lottery. Man has made 120 mil as an NFL QB, plus millions in endorsements, he can afford to wait.
  3. Or d) wait until a starter goes down for the season, a team panics and signs him to a big contract.
  4. Ravens had a special teams TD and a late 4th quarter 4 down goalline stand by the defense in a game they won by 3 points. Flacco had help. First Super Bowl Brady played, he threw 1 TD pass in 3 postseason games, his defense held the opponents to 13, 17 & 17 points. Brady had help too.
  5. Panther's FO did a good job with this one. It will also look like a bargain in a couple of years. Great deal, for all the talk of 6 years 75 mil, it's essentially a 3 year and 37 mil deal. If worst case scenario happens and CMC fades badly over the next couple of years [ not expecting that to happen nor wanting that to happen], he can be cut after the 22 season without too much dead money. You'd have 8.6 mil in dead money you could spread over two years. That's a reasonable risk for the club. No reason to think CMC will decline, barring injury, but if he does, club has protected themselves about as well as they could, while still rewarding the player. Compare and contrast that to the Kalil contract-the tackle not the center. That was set up completely in the player's favor. After the 3rd year, they can afford to cut or trade him if they need to. Be easy to create cap space with his contract as well. If the team has a franchise QB and CMC is still playing well, you can keep him. If the team isn't doing well but CMC is, you can trade him to another team pretty easily.
  6. Really want to see the numbers and structure of the deal. Teams and agents always calculate the value of the new money when bragging about contracts. But, that's bogus, players rarely see the last years of a contract, or all the bonuses/incentives. How much is guaranteed? How is it structured? This may be a 3 year 45 mil in reality, which combined with the last year remaining on his rookie deal, would be a 4 year, 48 mil deal, which is still 12 mil a year. Elliott got 50 mil guaranteed, but only 28 mil fully guaranteed. The panthers could give CM 30 mil fully guaranteed and CMC, or his agent, would claim he got more guaranteed money.
  7. Naah, Farve partied way too much in Atlanta, as in getting drunk and missing the team photo, out in the clubs every night, sleeping in meetings partied too hard. Farve said later in his career that he would have been out of the league in two years if he'd stayed in Atlanta. The trade was both a wake up call and ending up in a place where there was no night life. Did have terrible mechanics, but that's not why he was behind Miller and Tolliver.
  8. Seem to recall a claim M Kalil was healthy before the 2018 season. He certainly passed the physical that year, otherwise he couldn't have suited up. The panthers were convinced that Cam can't make it through a season healthy. That's a reasonable worry.
  9. Yeah, sucks it ended this way, always enjoyed watching him play when it wasn't against the Falcons. Wonder if it's possible for him to reinvent himself as a pocket passer somewhere else?
  10. Wondering if the FO is expecting the NFL to shut down for a few months because Covid? If so, they may expect Cam to recover enough to trade him. Or, maybe they're just being richards and the whole situation has deteriorated so badly they're just going to hold onto to his rights as long as possible to F with him?
  11. No they're not, they're just healthy enough to be traded, while Cam isn't. Bridgewater just signed, next step is to reach an injury settlement with Cam. See no reason to hold onto him now, doubt they can get anything for him. I guess, however, if the season is cancelled, they'd hold onto his rights and be able to trade him next year.
  12. Yeah, way too many fans don't understand the business side of it. While the FO handled the PR badly, really badly, reality is, they couldn't trade him. If he could pass a physical, he'd have been long gone. And, if they release Cam when he can't pass a physical, they'll owe him money. I guess Cam could sign off on not gettting anything to get released, but see no reason for him to do that. Sucks for everyone involved. Panthers get little or nothing for him, Cam has missed out on getting signed by several teams, fans are ticked off. Sad way for it to end. Think there's blame for both sides, with more going to the FO, but Cam could have kept his mouth shut about wanting an extension, and, gotten his surgery done sooner.
  13. Because, if Cam can pass a physical, the team can cut him without losing any money. If they cut him injuried, they'll have to pay him something.
  14. Atlanta takes a 68 mil dead cap hit if they trade Ryan.
  15. Even if they did, trading Ryan puts 68 mil dead money on the Falcon's books, unless Ryan inexplicably becomes the second Atlanta QB imprisoned for dogfighting, Falcons aren't getting rid of him. Even then, they wouldn't cut him, as long as he's in prison, his salary doesn't count against the cap.
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