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  1. Lol, pop the pimples around your ear canals , might help. Btw I've seen better written, directed , and acted movies on porn hub. I watched the trailer, I want 30 seconds back.
  2. Lol, okay, I'll take fat from a greasy, pimple faced hippie who made a poo movie and thinks he is somebody, didnt I read your wife left you bc you were a greasy zit faced bartender and when you did get a opportunity you blew it on a dream that will never amount to anything? Goddamn truth hurts, you virtue signaling, baby dick, divorcee. You got kids? If you do, how bout get a real job and stop being a douche bag.
  3. Why? Because all of the leftist ideas are fickle and can be defeated in less than three sentences? 4 out of 10 on the response btw.
  4. That is a absolute lie. Anyone who reads this thread will see this. However being a heavily left leaning forum nobody will call you on it. Quote me were I said what you claim. If not, you are a liar. Who has nothing of quality to post in this thread and are just offended that ANOTHER Democrat has had their true colors shown.
  5. I didnt, you did, I was talking about you. For you to assume I was is a indicator of your thought process. Also, the GOP being the party of David Duke? Lol, A. He just endorsed that crazy antisemitic Democrat from Minnesota B. Robert F'n Byrd.
  6. So people of color who vote Republican can't think for themselves and make the best choices possible considering the option they're presented? Tell us more about how other people are racist. See, you think ALL people of color think the same, not me. I was talking about YOU and you immediately projected it on people of color. Even if you are a person of color it says more about you than me.
  7. Your post = "I will continue to vote based on what I am told to think rather than thinking for myself"
  8. I have no idea what a Macco paint job costs, so your post says much more about you than me. Lol.
  9. "I'm a high school drop out who makes tons of money" "My proof is I have said it before" GTFO weak ass poo.
  10. Democrat govenor of virginia dressed in either kkk outfit or blackface. Still has job. Jesus you guys have a short memory. Hell Bill Clinton sexually assualted Wanita Broderick a black woman. I mean that's racist and assualt brother, but you guys had no problem with it.
  11. Dog whistles = "he really didnt say anything but the picture box said it so I regurgitate it".
  12. Show me the slurs in quotes? This president has done more for the black community than any president since JFK. Show me the slurs, do it. I dare you.
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