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  1. I disagree, while it is a very good game donkey Kong is the best game ever. -Billy Madison circa 1994
  2. Red dead redemption 2 is the the greatest video game of all time.
  3. Watch this come back, then disappear for 3 weeks.
  4. Yeah, you two are like peas and carrots.
  5. Was just me or did it sound weird the way the guy keep calling him Cam New-ton?
  6. Vampire the buffet slayer

    Cam DUI !

    Fake news lol.
  7. Vampire the buffet slayer

    Baldinger: Donte Jackson Leading DROY Race

    DROY? who gives a sh!t? If our front 4 were getting pressure circa 2015, or 2013 dude would have 10 INTS by week 17.
  8. Vampire the buffet slayer

    Official Ravens at Panthers Predictions Thread!

    Yeah well I did not get the score correct, but close enough. *edit - I did get the 7 in garbage time.
  9. I see all these "action Jackson is gonna be a stud" post. How bout removing that "gonna" then we good.
  10. Vampire the buffet slayer

    Anyone buying a Moore jersey tonight?

    Devin gonna be wr3 by the end of the season.