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  1. I say he kicks it up a notch and straight up blames Tepper.
  2. No it doesn't = I don't have an understanding of the definition of hypocrisy. I agree with the use of force to defend the border. Always have, always will. If 5000 18-35 year old men with no identification try to cross the US border, tear gas the poo out of them. If a couple of piece of poo moms mix themselves and their kids into that crowd, can't let the 5000 MEN who are undocumented and possibly criminal immigrants in because of the couple of women and children. If you think that, we fundamentally disagree. Laws are laws and should be inforced. When Obama does it msnbc CNN and NPR are fine with it, when Trump does it "ORANGE MAN NAZI!". Come on man can you not see the level of political bias set by a one party media?
  3. Vampire the buffet slayer

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Yeah, but Mueller does and that's why Trump is still president. Keep dreaming loser
  4. Vampire the buffet slayer

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Okay. Genius, I repost when this thread is still going in a calendar year. MULLER IS COMING THREAD??! LOLLOLLOOLLO. So dumb.
  5. He was responsible for the death of up to 7 million of his own people, directly related to his communist party. You are a hate filled monster and to call someone who supports Trump, while you defend Stalin is one of the most hypocritical things I have ever read. You have NO credibility in a civilized argument.
  6. Yeah, and killed millions of his own people. You are disgusting.
  7. The hypocrisy is the same people who call Trump Hitler, and say he is a monster are the same ones who didn't say a word for the same policies for 8 years under Obama. I am pretty sure that qualifies as hypocrisy. Thank you .
  8. Lol, I posted links, that's all I can do. If you don't want to read, or can't, I cannot help. Either way it happened, you are a hypocrite, and have no credibility You don't help your cause by being a communist sympathizer. You avi looks slot like the workers party, which is a part of the communist party. I mean do you like Stalin? Is that your deal? I mean you know Stalin's responsible for more deaths than Hitler right?
  9. I didn't post it. I live in a world where facts don't need to be propped up by propaganda.
  10. Lol. I don't remember half you guys at arm's in here about this stuff before 2016. Matter of fact, I went through the archives and can't find a single thread about Obama border policies. So I find your statement hypocritical hyperbole. Change my mind.
  11. Yeah, this thread got real quiet, real quick. Lol
  12. Vampire the buffet slayer

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    September 17, 2017. That's when this thread was started. If you guys think there is any evidence of collusion at this point you really need to self evaluate. This is the deep state desperately protecting themselves, get through 8 years and back to selling yellow cake to foreign dictators. Really, get Putin's sick out your mouths.
  13. Where are you at on the Obama administration enforcing the same tactics at the border for 8 years, but nobody on the left said a word? @PhillyB ?
  14. Your mom said she was sorry, jeez.