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  1. Problem with that is Fasani played the Bucs who were coming off a super bowl win and still had a really good defense and were at the top of the league in most defensive categories. Kyle played the Falcons who were bottom of the league in most defensive categories. Rookie quarterback plays bad against good defense = ok. Rookie quaterback plays bad against bad defense = not so ok.
  2. Alot of the sacks and pressure Kyle gets is on him not stepping up in the pocket and not seeing blitzes with unblocked guys. So he can say the o-line is trash all he wants but he makes them look a lot worse than they are.
  3. I don't think this is a kyle vs. cam argument anymore. I don't know if Cam is every going to be healthy again and Kyle is not the answer, if the question is do you want to be a good team with a decent quaterback. I think this question is now Cam vs. rookie or free agent QB.
  4. You know the more people say stuff like this the more I think "how many of you get paid to hit other people as hard as you can." If you are not a boxer or an MMA fighter it's kind of stupid to compare your job to his.
  5. I don't see the humor in any of this jokes. There is nothing wrong with a brown cox and defy any of you to prove otherwise.
  6. It was a kidney disease. He went on IR in 2006 when he was diagnosed, lost a lot of weight and was never able to gain it back to get to playing weight. He started all of 2005 and played really well on what I have always thought was the best defense in Panthers history.
  7. That PI call against the reciever that Cockrell was covering was god awful as well. I think it was on the first drive of the 3rd quarter and negated a 3rd down conversion and made the Packers punt. For this officiating crew I don't think rigged is the right word. I think just fuggin terrible would be more apt. Both ways, not just for the more popular team.
  8. Gruden's offense is basically Andy Reid's offense with more power running. Not the type of thing that fits Cam at all. If you want to know scheme need and fit and put them together it's Tennessee. With all the injury questions I don't know how you can expect to get a 1st in 2020. But a 2nd or 3rd in 2020 and then an escalating pick in 2021. Like a 3rd or 4th that can move to a 1st with playing time and production. No one is going to give a first in 2020 for a guy who might not be able to play next year.
  9. Someone must like pulling others goins. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  10. No one ever wants to cut Cox. That's always painfull
  11. To answer the original question, if he were to drop out of college now he could not become a free agent. Players have to be 3 full years out of high school and have used up his college eligibility, I think he is a JR in college right now. You could go to Canada for 3 years and play and then go in the NFL, but no one does that and I don't know what the rules are for the CFL. You can look up all the rules https://operations.nfl.com/the-players/the-nfl-draft/the-rules-of-the-draft/
  12. Turing killed himself. So for that reason I would say Newton. Both did so really good stuff but if the movie was true, it's a movie who knows, everyone hated Turing.
  13. Just looking at the stats you think they can rush the passer. But they really have just 2 guys, both Smith's off the edge. One has 8 sacks and the other has 8.5. So you chip and help on them the rest of the rush, not so good. Their secondary is pretty good they have 8 picks but all of them are S or CB no LB has a pick, except for Preston Smith but he is really a DE in that defense. So play action and the middle of the field for Olsen and CMC should be pretty open. Oh, and like everyone else said, run the ball alot.
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