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  1. Why would anyone trade for him if he has been released? Who you going to trade with, Goodell?
  2. They have been so bad for so long and if Lawrence makes them good (plus a much better coach and better players everywhere) it will be a great story and a great way to sell stuff to the American public.
  3. It's not the local stuff in NY it's the size of the market. Companies know that if they can reach more people in that market than they can anywhere else in the US. Plus, if it's the Jets, they are a huge underdog. So if you have 1 guy going there and he tuns the team into a winner its a great story and advertisers can sell that. Look at it this way the Knicks suck and have for years. They still get all kinds of attention because it's NY. It would not be the same if he went to the Giants because they have won 4 super bowls since the mid 80's. They have had good teams. When was the last time the Jets had a really good team? The last time they won a super bowl there may be a handful of people on this board that were alive. They have been so bad for so long and if Lawrence makes them good (plus a much better coach and better players everywhere) it will be a great story and a great way to sell stuff to the American public. At least that's how I look at it.
  4. Every rookie thinks he is going to be the greatest player to every play in the NFL. You kind of have to if you are ever going to make it in the NFL. The truth is half of them or more are going to play 3 years or less in the NFL and no one will remember who they were or who they played for. The players agent has to think like that. So if you have a chance to be the #1 overall pick in the NFL and go to the biggest market in the US any agent would be stupid to tell the player not to do that. The money he can make in his 1st year in NY, even if he is terrible, is probably more than his entire signing bonus from his rookie deal and maybe more than his entire 4 year contract. Now if he is as good as everyone thinks he will be and he wins a super bowl he could make that money at any team in the NFL. Look at Baker Mayfield, has he had a good year yet? But he makes all kinds of money in endorsements because he was a #1 pick, and he is in Cleveland. Think how much more Lawrence could make in NY. And if he is good in NY and wins a super bowl Lawrence could make more than 500 million in 10 years just from endorsements. He can't do that in any other market.
  5. I kind of doubt that. If he is just not god-awful in NY he will make more money in endorsements in his first 4 years than he will on his rookie deal. NY is really the only place he can do that. Now if he wins the MVP in year 3 he can do that anywhere but he can still be bad and do that in NY.
  6. They both played FS in college. Chinn played FS/SS/CB in college. So they probably wanted Dugger for the same role they are using Chinn for now.
  7. Chinn is the same size and played the same position in college as Dugger so ...
  8. Either way it's a couple of late round future picks in exchange for a 34 year old DT. Not earth shattering.
  9. Having multiple explosive playmakers is important for all offenses but more so for this one because it relies on a lot of short passes. You can do without CMC for a while because you still have Samuel and Moore. Without Samuel, its just DJ out there trying to do stuff after he makes the catch. Makes a lot of things change for the offense and makes it much easier for the defense. Next man up doesn't always work in an offense like this.
  10. It's a 2020 6th round pick from the Bucs for McLendon and a 2023 7th round pick from the Jets. By that time the Jets might actually be ok and it won't be the first pick in the 7th round. I doubt it but maybe.
  11. The Jets are so damn bad it's hard tell if any of there players are actually good. Bad coaching, bad players, and bad attitudes makes it hard to see if there is anything worth saving from the mess that is the Jets currently.
  12. Just had to put this somewhere. When your a football team and your biggest weakness is football I think that might be bad.
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