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  1. Most Bills fans I would image would have rather been in an actual coma than watch the last 15 years of Bills football.
  2. How dare you take a thread that has been totally derailed and try to make sense out of it. G money would be my choice.
  3. Good write up. However a lot of this could change with a few injuries and Jr College transfers.
  4. So you are saying your line sucks and you WR suck also.
  5. Best line is one of the Oakland comments Colby: By the time the Raiders are rid of Jon Gruden, one of Phillip Rivers’ children could be quarterbacking every team in the AFC West.
  6. If you really want to have some fun read the Giants. And don't forget to read the comments at the bottom like this gem..... Warren: The Giants are to the NFL Draft as what a Grizzly Bear is to a 4-year-old’s birthday party. Sure it’s a spectacle, but in the end, everyone is just searching for answers.
  7. If you really watch in college and then against the Bears he has gotten better. At Ole Miss it was good technique bad technique every other play and got away with it because he has great foot quickness. Against the Bears I only saw about 3 bad pass drops where he got his nose over his toes. Much better than college. Not one run set was in that highlight film but I dont remember one time they ran toward his side, it was always the right side they ran toward. So is he better than what he was in college? Yes. Is he perfect like the huddle expects? No. But if he had to start the entire year he would be better than some guys we have had over there (Bryon Bell) and probably no worse than last year. Just going on the Bears game. Can he keep that up through the preseason? I have no idea. The one I would be worried about is the SC kid. He missed at least 2 blitz pickups. One Little pealed off and picked up the inside guy the other sacked Allen. With him its not technique its assignment and that can get a QB killed.
  8. I am not for or against it. I just remember how awful it was at the end and it makes me sick.
  9. Jason Peter was probably so high that you and I remember that better than he does.
  10. You must have missed it the first time around with Capers. 95 and 96 were great. A lot of sacks and turnovers. 97 not so great and 98 was awful. Capers started using a 4 man front at the end of 98 because they could not stop the run. I think that ruined the 3-4 for me forever.
  11. The Patriots have been doing it for 15 years.
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