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  1. I had an ex girlfriend that would eat my ass alive. I miss her. Not the crazy, just the sex.
  2. Been there. And Rome and Madrid and Barcelona and Ibiza and they are all the same. Everyone, men and women, think when they walk out the door in the morning they are walking onto a catwalk. Cam could have been the most "normal" looking person on the street.
  3. I remember when we drafted him (it was one of the years the Vikings screwed up and let 3 teams pick when there time ran out). Utah was still in the Mountain West Conference, and some poster came on here and said he was a wasted pick and he would suck. That he only played against little guys in the Mountain West and he would get run over by NFL lineman and he "knew" because "he knew football better than anyone else on this board". Just for future posters about posting about draft picks before they have played a game, watch what you say. Someone always remembers the stupid sh!t you say and they will throw it back in your face and make you look like an idiot, all you "CMC can't run between the tackles" guys.
  4. I have flow from Charlotte to Spain and Charlotte to Rome each several times. Just FYI all planes are not made the same and all airlines are not equal. If you can always fly Lufthansa for international flights. No matter where you go. There are so much better than everyone else. Also try and get on an Airbus (380 if you can) rather than a Boeing. They just seem to have more leg room, more room in the aisles and just more room in general.
  5. Can't say anything in this video is wrong. When Cam has good mechanics he looks like an MVP, when he doesn't he looks more like poo. Sometimes it's because of pressure, but sometimes he just rushes himself when he does not need to. It's been that way since his rookie year. When you are as good as he can be, I will take 5 or 6 bad throws a game if you can get the other 25 or 30 good ones. It's just when his line is bad and his recievers can't get open and it's more of a 50/50 split, that's when you start to worry. I don't think that putting Brady or Rodgers or anyone else out there in that case would make this team much better, if at all.
  6. I would say life already punched Manziel in the face but his parents are worth 50 million so punch him all you want.
  7. I don't know anything about Obada Cox. Maybe someone else on here does.
  8. 2 wins against Tampa and a 7-8-1 record compared to 15-1. I am not even involved in this pissing contest and I know that don't sound right.
  9. He probably will. Chase Blackburn and Ben Jacobs both did.
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