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  1. There was a prime Jason Peter? I thought the hookers and drugs saw his prime because I don't remember seeing it on the football field.
  2. All those guys are still on there rookie deals. You could do the same thing with QB making in the 30 million dollar range.
  3. I see what you are saying I just don't look at it that way. Right now Mahomes is the best QB in the game and he is 24 I think. Assuming he never gets any better, which he should, the minute he becomes the 2nd highest paid QB in the game and he is under 30 he becomes a bargain.
  4. Brady signed a 4 year $72 million contract in 2010. Largest contract in the history of the NFL at that time. How does that deal look now? The money for contracts for players and TV deals always goes up, it never goes down.
  5. The current cap is 200 million. If it goes up, the way most say in will 20 - 30 million a year for the next 3 years the cap could be 290 million by 2023. That's basically a 50% increase. So all these current QB deals that are getting 30 million a year would be equivalent to 45 million in 2023. That's what Mahomes is getting now. So lets say Daniel Jones signs a new deal in 2023 for 45 million a year. Would you rather have Daniel Jones for 6 years at 45 million or Mahomes for 7 more years at 45 million? No matter how good Jones turns out to be that should really not be a question.
  6. The way the cap is going to go in the next few years this may be a baragin sooner rather than later. They get to add a 17th game next year and new TV deals will start a year or 2 after that. If the cap increases 20 to 30 million a year for the next 2 or 3 years the way many say it might, Mahomes deal could look like a baragin by year 4.
  7. Now where are all the fans going to get drunk and break tables???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_YdixWxgRY
  8. New England has used an Earnhardt/Perkins offense since Belichick has been there. They taylored it more toward the West Coast style in the last 5 or 6 years but it was not always like that. Back when they went 18-1 it was more of a Coryell style offense. So it should not be that hard to change back if that's what they want to do. But if you think Cam is going to get alot of help from his surrounding cast , you might want to look at it again. His O-line might not be so bad, better than the one's he had here since the Super Bowl but his WR and TE, yeah not so good. Like 2017 here, not so good. There defense better be good because a 2015 return to form Cam might just mean the offense is average.
  9. That team and this team have the same problem. Unproven talent. This team has more talent than like the 2002 Fox team but they have not played enough to know what the hell they are doing. Same as the 2001 team. When you have that you get Deon Grant giving up a 90 yard TD to the Cowboys to lose the game in the last minute, Kris Jenkins not knowing what the hell he is doing and pancaking a guy and letting the running back run right past him. Smith only seeing the field on returns because he does not know the offense. This team has talent, but I don't know if they know what to do with it and the virus sure has not helped.
  10. You must be forgetting the 2001 team.
  11. CMC and i would say it's not really close at all. Smith was on a much better team with a much better quaterback. Neither of their seasons are easy to do but everyone knew CMC was getting the ball and he still produced. Smith did as well but way to many teams just put 1 guy on Steve and expected to stop him. I am looking at you Chicago.
  12. Didn't they announce that the Hall of Fame game was cancelled and they were going down to 2 preseason games weeks ago? I thought for sure they did that.
  13. A lot of us, me included, are doing it every day for far less. So that's not really a question is it?
  14. This may be the dumbest thread on this board ever, and that's saying a lot. Just because a football player plays for you favorite team does not give anyone the right to tell him where to sling his cock. Or how many children he should have. I would not want someone to tell me that so I am sure not going to tell someone else that. It's like telling CMC to stop seeing Olivia Culpo because she has pointy elbows and will give him pointy elbow kids. Cam could have 20 kids and start his own family football team and I would not give a damn. But I would not go to his house to clean up. That would be a mess.
  15. If Kaep would except a vet min deal he probably would have been signed 2 years ago. Any guy who hasn't played in 4 years should not get a 10 million contract. I don't know that Cam will take a job where going in he is the backup. But at lest you know what Cam can do when healthy. It's just is and for how long will Cam be healthy.
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