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  1. OT, DE, and 2nd CB. Those should be your first picks.
  2. We've been hyped up in exactly one other game this year.... against Atlanta.
  3. pantherfan49

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Goldie Lochs just doesn't have NFL talent.
  4. pantherfan49

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Promise you that if Tom Brady ran up to snap the ball like that, Boger wouldn't stand in the way to slow things up
  5. The refs blew a lot of calls that all favored Atlanta in the first half. The second half, that was just losing in the trenches. We had one TD today. That's it.
  6. Wonder when Rogers is going to hit Jarrett Boykin to burn us deep.
  7. People were wondering why Cotch was making the squad..... it is because he is the best receiver on the roster.
  8. pass was uncatchable anyways...........
  9. we've got awesome field goal defense
  10. A big body in motion, stays in motion.
  11. JStew may be the most underrated Panther on this squad... he's so good at what he does (less that whiffed block that led to the sack)
  12. That, Philly fans, is how to show respect when a player from an opposing team is injured.
  13. pants on the ground, pants on the ground