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  1. Despite the Redskins looking and playing terrible, it's very clear this team is special.
  2. yeah the announcers definitely giving each other tugjobs in the booth to cheer each other up
  3. i had to mute the TV, the horrible announcing is almost unbearable.
  5. I think maybe Dave was eating a sammich, unaware we were on the clock so suddenly, and said "Hey guys, I think I need some mayo." A try-hard assistant nearby thought Dave was looking at the draft board-- and took that as "That's who Mr Gettleman wants--the only guy named Mayo in the draft. Write it down and send it over!" And that my friends, is the story of David Mayo becoming a Panther.
  6. Gettleman said yesterday in the press conference for Funchess that "9 draft picks making the team would have been dicey" I'm not normally a blatant kool-aid sipper, but my goodness, with his draft history here, hard to see this draft unfolding any differently.
  7. I really, seriously, honestly want whatever you've been smoking hahaha
  8. Here's a fun fact: There is someone that won't get drafted tomorrow that Gettleman will bup bup bup ...sign in a heartbeat and make an impact this season. With 5 more draft picks left plus our recent success for picking up quality talent in the UDFA market, hard not to see our team getting stronger this weekend!
  9. If he was a 5'4" speedster, people would complain that he's too short for Cam to throw to....LOL He looks like a beast, and remember where we've come from...Brandon (Donald) LaFell , Armanti? GTFO, ...Avant and Cotch??? Stephen Hill?? How is he NOT an upgrade?
  10. Funchess will be a matchup nightmare if used as a hybrid-TE in certain sets, and should take pressure off of Olsen when he's constantly being targeted. Watching his highlights and hearing the 'knocks' on him, I feel like at best, he could be an Alshon Jeffery type player. Alshon had seperation issues, was slow at the combine, called lazy, everyone here on the Huddle basically wanted no part of him. I wonder if they'd have a different opinion now.... With that said, I don't like to give up the picks, but with 5 picks left in the draft and Gettleman's eye for talent, how can you not feel good about what we're doing here??
  11. wah wah get cam some weapons... ...draft weapon for him, waah wahh not the one i wanted.... well Let's see what this kid can do...and if he blows up? Totally worth it.
  12. asked my Bears fan friend how I should feel, his response "Not sure how he'll be after two surgeries, but dude was as great as advertised for the past ~5 years." So, a typical Gettleman signing, low risk, high reward. I'm good with it
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