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  1. Poe has gotten a ton of push before. I’ve explicitly noticed it. I’m guessing he was just outmatched this game.
  2. The kneeling protests have brought so much racism to light in America.
  3. Donald LaFell

    LOL! Bucs going to OT vs. the Browns

    The Browns could whoop our ass
  4. Donald LaFell

    ron rivera praise thread

    Rivera gets praise for being a brilliant defensive and linebackers coach. But just like the Giants game this could have easily been a loss. Rivera has to pretty much give all control to a competent OC. However, now is the time to be happy and not critique!
  5. Kinda reminds me of Prohel or Cotchery. Vets WRs might have limited upside but can get open in crunch time
  6. Donald LaFell

    Gameball, my God we won!

    No lie I lost my wallet for days and found it during game
  7. I’m not even going to try to watch, it’s not worth ruining a Sunday. The weather is too nice right now and the weekend is too precious.
  8. Donald LaFell

    What would the media say if Cam...

    Yeah it’d be nice if he could get one SB
  9. Donald LaFell

    Ray Lewis & Ed Reed teach how to watch film

    That game was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a total butt stomping. The ravens fans traveled so well and were pretty nice, I wasn’t mad. I think even Tony Pike played we sucked so much.
  10. The d-line has rarely been as strong as people say. It’s really just been 2002, 2003 and 2013 that we have truly been at elite levels just need more bodies.
  11. Donald LaFell

    Eric Reid contract details

    Glad for it, waiting to see if he responds well to game minutes but love the numbers! Feels like the Greg Olsen trade, can’t believe nobody else took this deal.
  12. Donald LaFell

    Panthers hire female as lead internist

    fuging hell this board is full of dimwits
  13. Donald LaFell

    Hold the Mayo

    Or a blown holding call
  14. It was very cathartic to embarrass the cardinals the same way they did us in 15.