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  1. why cant our offense be that explosive
  2. facts are facts...game on the line cam may bring you the win..but its 5050 i never feel like oh we have this with him back there..the fact is he has had accuracy problems his entire career it is what it is.
  3. tgrfan01

    Eric Reid

    this is what happens when your sjw owner is more concerned with making a social statement than winning ball games
  4. put the ball where no one can make a play on it three traight times to end the game Check.. cam is slightly above average at best getting paid as if he is elite...flame me its the truth
  5. has been like that his whole career..more often than not he is throwing the ball a mile over our guys heads
  6. cam has to give them a chance to make a play ..instead he throws three straight balls a mile away so they cant try to make a play on it..hes vastly over rated
  7. and of course we cant have a player there to catch it
  8. this is worse than them hitting a big long td pass..it sucks the life out of you..you cant do anything about it as the time ticks away
  9. saints are going to hang 50 on this swiss cheese
  10. it wouldnt be a panther game with ron as coach if we werent on the ropes late in the 4th quarter
  11. demoralizing drive here...running the clock..getting first downs ..and there is nothing our players who pretend to be a defensive unit can do about it
  12. naw, he is just earning his paycheck NOW, only took 4 1/2 games...lol
  13. demoralizing getting 3 yards a play picking up first downs as the time runs down..our defense is pure trash
  14. considering we may only get two more possessions the rest of the game..him hitting that was a dagger