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  1. Rebuilding is fine, but it doesn’t have to start with QB as well. That could actually be the first piece and it’s already in place.
  2. If the answer to the Panthers QB questions for next year is already on the roster, and his name isn’t Cam Newton, God help us.
  3. If you don’t think a healthy Cam could win a SB with the Saints roster, you’re kidding yourself. Cam damn near won a SB here with a cast of stiffs at WR. That’s an undeniable fact.
  4. Whoa...I initially ready that as Keary Colbert. Yikes. I need a drink.
  5. I have a bit of background in this area, but not really in musculoskeletal injuries.
  6. I’m not sure they can determine this soon whether or not he can or will develop osteonecrosis. An angiogram might lead you to believe that there’s no significant vascular injury to the femoral head, but I’m not sure it would be definitive.
  7. Also not simple to assume Tua will be healthy. So that still leads me back to C1N.
  8. Ron: “In spite of the way you were mocking me, acting like I was part of your propertttty...”
  9. They took the “Cam over the top dive” out of the playbook, so the “First and Goal from inside the 3yd line” chapter is completely empty. And that’s sad.
  10. I’d love to find out Ron was fired tonight. But I still think he plays out the season.
  11. He looks competent at times, and laughably bad most other times. He’s not the answer at QB. Of course, the same can be said of Ron Rivera at HC.
  12. I have to believe that this “performance” is the nail in the coffin for the current coaching regime.
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