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  1. Heh, some of these look awesome. http://replaceface.tumblr.com
  2. ​Agree with most of your post except the gun part. If you watch before he pulls, he's got two yutes circling to his right while he is wrestling her down. The white one does the I'm going to fight you lunge at less than 3ft away. I'd say at that point his training (right or wrong) took over. He holstered the weapon after they took off. As much as he was roid rage that day, pulling the gun wasn't the problem.
  3. It isn't Winston's football ability that is the red flag.
  4. You always choose Franchise QB over Elite DE. I live in Houston, JJ Watt is as good as advertised, but you can scheme him out of plays or just get your hands on him. Your QB touches the ball every offensive snap. And forget getting Luck in 2012. The colts didn't start winning until they had pretty much secured getting the top pick (0-13). Though the rams did give them a run for the money by dropping their last 7 to get the 2nd pick in the draft.
  5. I don't agree with the broadbrush asian stats. I'm mixed Vietnamese and NC tobacco farming ancestry and while I do think there is a stronger family/hard work ethic in the asian community I think it's too early to tell because we're just reaching the 3rd generation of Korean/Viet mass immigration. I've seen just as many Viet's/filipino/Malay problem teenagers and young adults as any other race. It boils down to family/parents. I'm 2nd gen, my mom was one of the first 5 Viet (all with US military husbands) who set down in Charlotte. I've got Viet friends (all 2nd gen) who went Ivy League, UNCC grads with high paying jobs, drop-outs at UNC/NCSU, UNCC grads, blue-collar workers, and a some who joined gangs (perma-banned at Eastland Mall in the 80s for fights or run bookie services out of asian dive bars.) Note: The children (not related) who joined gangs or worked in gambling all came from single-parent homes. (divorces due to problems with husbands DV, PTSD, and/or drug use). Now you have a mass immigration of H1b from China/India (more asians) primarily into STEM employment. I think (not substantiated) that we're importing the asian family values, but as the immigrant children become more western, they become just like all native born generations.
  6. All those flyer miles and you haven't scored one of those Club/Lounge passes? I'm sure you could talk your way into the United Global First lounge, drink some scotch and hors d'oeuvres. Heck you might get lucky and meet some of those leech lobbyist or strike gold and handshake with some Congress Critters. Just pretend to be one characters in the Tinderbox spectrum (except Pstall, cause neither side really cares about independents) and you'll have another chapter for your book.
  7. Playoff Win vs Dallas, '96 season. Aikman, Emmitt, Irving, Deion. Comeback vs Jags, '03 Both Tampa wins in '03 Beatdown the 49ers in SanFran, '96
  8. Bronco's got a Superbowl (two) by breaking salary cap rules. They got to keep them. Teams will cheat because the NFL will never take one away.
  9. I've only seen reports that the McNally and Jastremski are suspended indefinitely. I'm wondering if they are still employees of the Patriots and suspended or have they been fired. If fired, they would no longer be represented by the Patriots law firm. I'm sure TMZ could make them an offer for the whole story.
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