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  1. There was no rule breaking or did I miss the NOA that Duke received?
  2. Nope. That's why there are different levels and why they investigate. 1600 athletes is > 1 athlete right? If you want to show me emails or other items that show a violation occurred with Thomas then we can continue this conversation otherwise you are deflecting.
  3. So a kid getting a loan is the same as 18 years of fake classes? Sorry but that is not even close. Plus we have no idea why Thomas was given the loan, his mom is pretty well off so that could be the reason.
  4. ​Man we have already covered this in the Lance Thomas thread. I got a loan for my $125,000 condo when I was in college so I would assume he got his loan the same way. Are we really going to act like it was a done deal that Thomas was going to play pro ball? I mean if he really talked the jeweler into this deal on future NBA earnings then he got hustled. Like I said I don't know their exact arrangement but it's not that had to get a loan especially if you have good credit. Maggette did break NCAA rules and that's why they investigated but they found Duke wasn't involved and had no way of knowing CM took some cash from his coach back in high school.
  5. ​Well I don't see how Maggette accepting $2,000 from his AAU coach has anything to do with Duke, which is why when the NCAA investigated it cleared Duke. Thomas got a loan from a store, I don't think that breaks NCAA rules does it?
  6. ​No doubt but that is one of the things unc redacted. I disagree, someone asked her to do all these things she didn't just research all these athletes grades and help them cheat on her own. This is what unc has done the whole time is try and use people as scapegoats to try and protect AD's, coaches, anyone else higher up that was involved or knew this was going on. I mean unc wants us to believe that this was a scheme setup by Crowder and Nyang'oro and had nothing to do with the athletic department, nobody buys that except heels fans.
  7. ​What do you mean? You asked for the emails and he highlighted them for you. It's not hard to tell if you take off those baby blue glasses. Everyone that doesn't wear baby blue can see this was a scam to keep athletes eligible that was constructed by Dean back in the day and was carried on for 18 years. The crazy thing is the fake classes were not enough sometimes and that's when Crowder would step in and "help out" with grading. Look, McCants failed his classes the semester before and was on the verge of being ineligible and miraculously the next semester he's in AFAM classes and makes the Dean's list? You can honestly tell me Wayne Walden didn't see his grades and know he was on the verge of ineligibility and had to find a way to get those grades up? That was Walden's job and we can argue whether or not roy "knew" the details about AFAM scam but turning a blind eye to it is not an acceptable defense in my book.
  8. ​My guess would be the implication of Dean and roy.
  9. ​Yep, no way was Debbie Crowder grading papers written by regular students.
  10. ​Is that the LOIC? That's the biggest one and the MBB is in the mix for that one. From the NOA, pages 48-49:"The AFRI/AFAM department created anomalous courses that went unchecked for 18 years. This allowed individuals within ASPSA to use these courses through special arrangements to maintain the eligibility of academically at-risk student-athletes, particularly in the sports of football, men's basketball and women's basketball. Although the general student body also had access to the anomalous AFRI/AFAM courses, student-athletes received preferential access to these anomalous courses, enrolled in these anomalous courses at a disproportionate rate to that of the general student body and received other impermissible benefits not available to the general student body in connection with these courses. It's an academic scandal that the sports teams used to keep players eligible, so how is that not an athletic issue?
  11. Hey Roy's the one that said "we know what our kids are doing. We are in touch with them every day." Once again if he didn't know he isn't doing his job or living up to what he told these kids parents when he sat down with them while recruiting them. Take off your baby blue glasses and think about this. The starting 5 on the 2005 team were all AFAM majors and McCants is on the verge of flunking out and miraculously the next semester is on the Dean's list. Hello those are major red flags and if Roy did have suspicion he was supposed to self report that to the NCAA. It's been coverup after coverup and everyone sees it but heels fans.
  12. When exactly did he get his players out of those classes?
  13. I find it hard to believe that he didn't know simply because his right hand man, Wayne Walden, knew. Also it's Roy's job to know, he should know if a player fails all his classes the semester before and then miraculously makes the Dean's list the next semester. It was definitely used as a way to keep athletes eligible and it's Roy's job to look after his players.
  14. ​Well in all fairness that could have been part of the redaction that took 2 weeks to do.
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