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  1. Cam is never going to be a timing / touch QB. Go get him a few go-up-and-get-it WRs who are capable of improvisation when things break down, let Cam riff behind the line of scrimmage, and he'll ball out. Asking him to be Peyton Manning is both -EV and a waste of his myriad talents.
  2. Borat

    Eric Reid

    No, but that's the world we live in, haha.
  3. Elway and Favre both played in eras where completing passes was much harder (re: QB and receiver protection), but the Cam similarities are definitely there in terms of play style and grit (though Cam represents a much more dangerous ground threat than anyone else in the big, tough, gunslinger category). Definitely think that Panthers need more go up and get it type guys (like KB should have been), not shifty WCO guys.
  4. Borat

    Eric Reid

    The Falcons would (/ should) take him if cut again, lol
  5. Because the Panthers don't even have a Sammy Watkins, let alone the liquid speed that is the Hunt / Hill combo. Doesn't matter who's drawing up the plays when there's that sort of talent disparity.
  6. I'm of the opinion that he's a 'tier 1.5' guy when you take into account the ground threat he represents. Main issue, re: realism from the fan base, is that he's probably not even 'tier 2' when it comes to pure passing, but people for some reason expect him to be at least that, given that his overall game is excellent. Fact is, his talents are not evenly distributed. Even during his MVP year (which he no doubt deserved), his QB rating was 'only' 99.4. There are 11 QBs with 100+ this year right now.
  7. Can't really fault him for Hill taking it to the house so quickly.
  8. The Hunt/Hill combo is insane, speed-wise . What an arsenal...
  9. Their offense racking up 500+ yards a game (or whatever) did a good job hiding it. Chiefs score 7 on this next drive and it's game on again, though.
  10. Hope OP doesn't have any money on this game.
  11. Being deemed surplus to requirements of the Falcons, given the mess therein at DLine, should have given the FO pause. Speaking from experience here.
  12. Borat

    Breaking Panthers News

    Need him for my FF team, though Jared Cook's been a revelation. Keep getting healthier, 3rd-Leg Greg!
  13. He’s kind of the “anti-Cam” in that he’s excellent in the air and below average on the ground. They’re both incomplete players (as the majority of QBs and RBs are, to be fair), but still top players overall (moreso Cam than McC at this point). Agreed that the Panthers DESPERATELY need someone to take the rushing load off Cam as he hits 30 and beyond. McCaffrey to this point hasn’t shown he can be that guy, even if he’s absolutely a weapon elsewhere.
  14. He’s a decidedly below-average rusher, but he’s still a good player overall. Yards count the same whether through the air or on the ground.
  15. Borat


    If he's actually a troll -- and not just a fan with a few contrarian opinions -- a thread like this means he's knocked it out of the park...