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  1. Borat


    It’s a dumb name anyways. Doesn’t convey the badass-ery that “Vikings” or (former ND name) “Sioux” does. They should just make it something Capitol / politics related now.
  2. Kaep will get a ‘job’ first via league diktat (if he still wants to play). Cam will get a real starting QB role later, when someone goes down.
  3. Dude is 24 and one of the best ~fifteen players in the league. Everyone’s answer to OP’s question should be “yes!” The Jets’ however, would be “hell no, we’ll take [and get from someone] a 1st+”
  4. It really depends on how important you view being the best at your position, from a league-wise standpoint. Smith, in my eyes at least, was about on par with Wayne and Andre Johnson and a notch below Calvin and Fitz, whereas Kuechly, once Willis started getting hurt, only had Wagner as a peer for ~7 years. That said, I’d still go with Smith.
  5. I personally have no problem with the protests, but he's entitled to his opinion, right or wrong, and to voice it if he so chooses. Don't buy his jersey if you don't like it.
  6. Maybe so, but bankruptcy still isn't the null hypothesis for guys with ~$150mm in career earnings, especially if he's been somewhat exposed to equities since his first contract.
  7. I mean yeah it's certainly possible to blow through $100mm+. Ask Iverson ($150-200mm) or, for an even more obscene number, Tyson ($400mm). But that's the exception, not the rule, for guys in the 9-figure club.
  8. And >$120mm in career earnings from contracts alone (easily 8 figs in endorsements too). Dude could sit on his couch and play Clash of Clans for a decade and still be an overwhelming success. Think it's more likely he replaces an injured QB on a playoff team at some point midseason, though.
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