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  1. Think there should be serious consequences, regardless of the direction the report takes, be it for Trump (if guilty, in the form of impeachment, etc.) for colluding with a foreign power, or for Democrats (if not, in the form of official censure, etc.) who have then -- as a political ploy -- claimed for over a year that collusion definitively took place, accusing a sitting president of treason sans evidence. That's only if a definitive conclusion is reached, though. My guess? It'll come out that some people connected to Trump did things that were questionable / maybe illegal, but not prosecutable, and both sides will declare victory.
  2. Borat

    Who is Dat Alice?

    Shoe collection deserves a mention as well.
  3. Lol congrats on your master troll job dude. What are you, like 35? Your mother must be so proud.
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