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  1. Calling Bridgewater "TB" is kind of confusing, given Brady is now in the division + there's also a team called "TB."
  2. Not the worst idea, but would need to be for super cheap.
  3. We're talking about 2020's editions of each, not 2015's. Cam definitely still has more upside, but it's less clear these days.
  4. The scenes here if both Newton and Allen are both starting for other teams at some point next season...
  5. Pretty simple – dominance reliant on top-5-all-time physicality, regressed once injuries started to chip away at said [huge] advantage, rest of [remaining] skillset [so far] not enough to bridge the gap. With health + fundamentals (accuracy, decision-making), could return to former station or close to it.
  6. Stud, but could be gone if there isn't a run on QBs
  7. Winston because he'll more happily take a backup deal with a coach / team who will work on his mechanics and decision-making. Cam's the higher-beta signing (and perhaps more expensive) and is getting shafted by the NFLPS suspending physicals.
  8. Know people love SS89, but Luke Kuechly was head-and-shoulders the best at his position for a ~half-decade.
  9. 1) I'll bet that $40/4 is just a rumor 2) May be banking on the WR draft class in '22 not be ludicrously stacked like this year's.
  10. NFL Physicians Society ceased giving physicals a ~day ago. Bad timing for Cam.
  11. It's certainly a possibility, but a vast unknown. The virus prevents him from getting the physical that will answer the question, so he'll probably sign a back-up contract (1 year) and either spend the time i) healing [if he's still hurt] or ii) pushing for the job [if he's healthy, and winning it if he goes to an unsettled QB situation a la Bears or Patriots].
  12. His contract is going to get killed by the receiver depth / quality in this year's draft. Decent player, but worth waiting a while.
  13. Does COVID-19 affect the brain? If so, OP ought to be tested.
  14. Fair enough. I’m not sure of an exact statistical cut-off (given probably some garbage time stat padding in that scenario), but a QB shining despite dysfunction elsewhere bodes well for when rest of team shapes up.
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