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  1. Our d is 15th in points allowed per game. Our o is 21st in points scored.
  2. We got a big leg kicker with no accuracy and accurate qb with no arm. Go figure.
  3. He plays safe because he knows his limitations. Its not a mental thing.
  4. Sure he would help, I don't think our record would be that much different though. I just think it would be easier to find a better qb then to find pro bowlers at every position around Teddy.
  5. If a 3-8 record is what you're after then sure you can "get away with it".
  6. Throwing 1 yard passes on 3rd & 13 really helps the ole completion %.
  7. Brees or matty ice arm strength, sure you can make it work. Teddy arm strength.... good luck.
  8. Hopefully he's got a two seater so he and Teddy can carpool.
  9. Its been obvious to any knowledgeable fan (for years now) that Teddy is a backup quality qb. Its kind of scary that multiple people in our front office thought he was a good idea. Did they not have access to you tube? How many times in Teddys career has he thrown a 1 yard pass on 3rd and long? Oh but that completion percentage though....f*ck me!
  10. Mr. Scot gets a little exhausting with his "I know more about football than you" attitude. He gets away with a lot of bull poo on this forum, and nothing. 

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