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  1. CMC is probably the only one on that list that is top 20 in their position. I do think CMC is the best back in the league though.
  2. They should turn the head into a urinal.
  3. Wasn't it Jenkins that knocked the sh*t outa Payton Manning? Sniffing salt style.
  4. It will take 4 games for the panthers to score 59 points.
  5. I hope he is fired again and then rehired again. Hurney 3.0 is gonna be badass!
  6. Trump attacks everyone on a daily basis. Then gets criticized and turns into a snowflake. His cheering section is no different.
  7. Agree, I just want someone who is competent. It's like sending a loved one to get surgery, I don't care about the doctor's political affiliation. I just want someone that can do their job. Trump is a bad person and terrible at his job.
  8. Just as long as I never have to see Witten in the booth again. Holy sh*t he sucks.
  9. I'm more worried about his durability than his arm strength. I will be very impressed if he makes it through a full season.
  10. He had plenty of finger, but the accuracy.
  11. They should just let all 32 teams make the playoffs. Call it the Hurney rule.
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