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  1. camtheone

    Greg Olsen feels the disrespect!

    Wow.......SMH............KEEP POUNDING!!!!
  2. camtheone

    Eagles Release Evan Mathis

    Going to be way too much for us...KEEP POUNDING!!
  3. Great deal for all involved. Just think if well just think when Cam has a great 2015 season, takes us to the NFC Championship game what his contract would have looked like next year. 120+. With the cap going up and up every season this will soon be the norm for average QBs, 17-20 million. KEEP POUNDING!!!
  4. 5th round pick??? That's crazy. The nfl is just crazy. Should be at least a 3rd if not a second. So cheating doesn't really cost that much in the NFL. Interesting...........KEEP POUNDING!
  5. camtheone

    Raiders in discussions with Greg Hardy

    Please goto OAK. I do not want him in our division and well if he wants to get paid then yes he goes to OAK. After one huge payday, 13.1 million plus playoff bonuses, and you can not survive and your motivation is still only money and not championships I'm not sure how long that motor will go. I love Hardy and so wish he would have came back to us but it is what it is now. I wish him luck and always up for giving people second chances. KEEP POUNDING!!!!!
  6. Hardy for a 2 year 10-12 million dollar contract, considering he made 13.--- million last year. If you take last years salary number divide by it 2 that comes out to 6.5 and change. So basically he's getting 11-13 a million a year on this contract since he played only 1 game last year. Come on Hardy!!!!
  7. Glad you had a great time in the Queen City....really glad we got the W...and hope you're grandma is doing well...... KEEP POUNDING......
  8. On the bus getting ready to head to the stadium. KEEEP POUNDING!
  9. 2-2 her we come.....Motto win 2 more.....KEEP POUNDING!!!
  10. We need to get to .500 for the first time since Jan 2009......WE can do it.....KEEP POUNDING
  11. camtheone

    Who to Root for Week 4

    Atlanta and Saints...with the saints being the most important to lose......I think the Bucs are in a 2-14 year now since they decided to bench freeman.....oh I wish we could play them sooner to get this W out of the way.....KEEP POUNDING!!!!!!