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  1. Fuggin Rivera. I hope he gets embarrassed in DC
  2. I am curious and open minded and a little hopeful. That's as far as I'm willing to go right now.
  3. A deal? As in some kind of compromise? What exactly is the black community supposed to give up or compromise on? Only thing that will help diffuse the anger is accountability on the part of law enforcement and their ability to police themselves and the judicial system working to punish offending bad cops when they cross the line. But there are so many issues beyond that right now. The millions of white people that are holding BLM signs for the first time have to stop calling 911 on people of color for suspicion of criminal activity when all they are doing is pumping gas or some other mundane daily activity. White people who are finally starting to see and understand the problems need to not forget and actually work to change the conversations and hearts of their fellow white brothers and sisters rather than just sit back and change their profile pics to black in solidarity on black out Tuesdays.
  4. A bunch of sheep following their candidate fell in line when their candidate fell in line with the wishes of the establishment DNC leaders and endorsed Biden because he is an establishment guy himself.
  5. If the DNC was really interested in beating trump they wouldn't have handed Biden the nomination.
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