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  1. rayzor

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    There's probably more than a few that wish I was a missing huddler.
  2. If this isn't, then last week was it. They will be defined by last week until they prove differently.
  3. A bit more blunt than I would have put it, but when you look at the speed and versatility of the rest of what the offense is becoming, a bunch of hybrids, CJ just didn't fit.
  4. It's a recent thing, but this has definitely not always been the case, in fact prior to last year he had the fewest. That said, we all see hits that he takes that should have been penalized and weren't too often. Another reason for the high number of calls is that he gets illegal hits more than any other QB. It's calmed down a little since they started calling some, but he still gets it white a bit more than others do.
  5. My professional opinion is that he needs some more time to rest. Can't risk him going out too early and getting hurt worse. Might need about four more months, honestly. I'm thinking about his future.
  6. I think it's definitely playing a part, but just a part. Refs can't hide the fact that they, individually, prefer some teams and players over others and I'm sure that has played a big role in the way they have called games. In some situations, they are looking to make a statement with what they call and don't call. They don't like Cam for whatever reason, they are going to let things go hoping to put him in his place. They don't like Reid and think of him as a bad guy, they are going to be looking for moments to give him what they feel he's got coming and "prove" he's who they think he is. That's why I think it's so important that we win it all, just to shove it down their throats.
  7. Have you seen his threads and comments about the saints? Dude mailed it in a while ago.
  8. Btw, I don't really buy into any widespread conspiracy theory that the league is calling the shots for and against certain teams and players, although it wouldn't shock me if that were true. I think the refs just really suck at what they do and they can't separate themselves from their individual biases towards and against certain teams and players.
  9. Been pretty stinking clear for a while that refs are more and more prone to bias towards one team in just about every game. They've got their favorite teams and players and decisions in a millisecond will be made to reflect that.
  10. At least some people outside of here are starting to notice it.
  11. Cam and Luke should be just because of reputation. Homer reasonibf? Maybe, but both are among the most talented at the position and definitely among the most fun to watch, which the probowl needs. Don't really want either playing in that meaningless game, though. Too many things can go wrong. Aside from them, I vote for Gano, D-jax, Moton, CMC, and Mario. All four of these guys are legit playing at the top of their game this year. Moore keeps it up and by season end he'd probably be in the conversation, tho it would be too late. I could definitely see him there next year and maybe Samuel as well if he can get more targets and touches.
  12. Makes sense. Luke and even TD are just as aggressive as ever, but neither are as effective as usual. DC issues are the likely cause. I wonder if it's why we haven't gotten much push from the interior DL.
  13. rayzor

    I always wondered ..........

    Knock it off with the big letters. I see it again you take a day off. It's really annoying.
  14. His schtick got old a long time ago and I'm tempted to just go ahead and ban him unless he can back up what he was inferring there. Back it up or admit he was talking out of his ass...and I'd take silence as admission he was talking out of his ass.