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  1. It's not. I saw some memo that said the Panthers were going to Photoshop every photo of CMC to make him look like he's got biceps. That's only until they can get the whole inflatable bicep thing to work for longer though. Strictly PR moves. Don't buy the hype.
  2. Probably my favorite....at least next to the dentist bit.
  3. Past usage/involvement and production combined with potential for the coming year with another year under his belt and more bulk. People are starting to really notice in a way they didn't heading into last year.
  4. Still don't trust Rivera is the best option. Still don't like Hurney. New year though. Ready to get it started.
  5. Probably still pissed about the donkey kong thing.
  6. Is suh supposed to help someone achieve this?
  7. aside from still being a turd of a human, he's not the threat he used to be. the guy does more harm to his own team in penalty yards than he does good. definitely not any kind of upgrade over McCoy. the guy is a bum. bucs went the cheap route and if they are paying suh anywhere close to the $13mil they were going to be paying mccoy, they are even dumber than i thought.
  8. excited to hear more about the OTAs this year. got a good feeling. of course i had a good feeling last year too. still excited.
  9. he shouldn't smile. he's sending the wrong message to kids. they might start to think that work is supposed to be fun. next thing you know kids are killing each other because they aren't having fun and it will be cam's fault. /pretending to be some "concerned" citizen
  10. Most likely this. I'm pretty good with it. Not necessarily the Torrey Smith part but the rest of it is good.
  11. He doesn't like people being judgmental towards him. Only he has the right to judge others.
  12. Seriously anyone who has watched cam over the years knows not just the beating he takes regularly and more often than most QBs, shots to the head that refs have allowed and he keeps coming back play after play. He's come back sometimes probably before he should have. Why? because he's a competitor and he's committed. If you've watched him you know that he risks a lot trying to move the chains and he takes massive hits. We've seen him leap trying to reach a first down or the goal line and get hit hard and flipped or spun around and we have been amazed that he gets back up smiling and chewing his gum. The fact that people go back to that one instance in a game that the refs had made certain our team wasn't going to win and see a ball rolling on the ground and think that cam not jumping on it somehow shows who he is as a competitor or looks at it as a defining moment....it just bothers me. What defines him is the competitor spirit and real grit he shows game after game after game. One moment does not define a person unless you are blind/narrow-minded, dumb, or have an agenda.
  13. Oye. Dude has been sacrificing his body since the day he got here. Every game he puts himself out there and takes beating after beating fighting for every yard. It tells a lot about you if you don't think that and can only look to that one play in a game where he was getting beat mercilessly and illegally by the Broncos who had the benefit of a team of refs who turned a blind eye towards it.
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