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  1. esp. the interior. I expected much more from kk and poe.
  2. rayzor

    Dylan McCaffrey

    He won't be anyone's backup. Early round, day one starter.
  3. rayzor

    Breaking Panthers News

    Yow. Frikkin bundle of nerves about this.coupd be glorious. Could be..... nevermind. Don't want to go there..
  4. ??????? Wtf? Let's not even start this poo in here.
  5. rayzor

    True Misery

    I was calling for fox to get canned in 2007. '08 made me a bit more patient then that game happened along with fox saying "we used the same game plan we used earlier in the year when we beat them. It worked then, why wouldn't it work now?" His reluctance to adapt and only make changes when forced by bosses set up some terrible years to follow.
  6. rayzor

    Hype Video From Cam

    Love it love it LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  7. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time and he did help us get a good safety for cheap. I'm just happy they made an effort to put together a real WR corps rather than throwing jello on a wall to see if something stuck.
  8. rayzor

    Cameron Artis Payne

    same here. I sitting here hoping we don't ever have to use him because that would mean that one of our two star backs got hurt. nothing against him, it's just he's not on the level that CMC or CJ are and I don't know that he offers much more than maybe a chance to breathe for the guys we depend on.
  9. rayzor

    PFF loves DJ Moore

  10. rayzor

    Lighten Up....

    1) he hasn't been calling people fake fans 2) just because someone has a similar looking username doesn't mean they are the same user.
  11. he should get the same second chance at life the woman he had killed did.
  12. rayzor

    Lighten Up....

    don't even start that poo back up. you don't get to decide who is and isn't a real fan.