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  1. rayzor

    What percentage of music today is Doo Doo?

    lots of good stuff. lots of crap too. it all depends on what you like (what you consider good music) and where you look for it. I don't have a problem finding good stuff to listen to. I've got a good few stations across several genres on pandora. I've got to train the stations a bit but I find good stuff. of course most of the stuff has a little age on it, but a surprising amount is pretty current. good music is always getting made. of course sucky music is always getting made as well. the great thing about this era is that it is so much easier to make good recordings of stuff and get it out there than it was back when I was making it 20ish years ago. I mean lots of junk gets out there too, but the good stuff gets out there as well.
  2. Agreed. Someone in Kraft's position doesn't go to a place like this without 1) knowing what they specialize in (very young black market Asian girls) and 2) because you're interested in their specialty. The fact that he went at least twice only takes away any level of ignorance he might have had about what was going on.
  3. The goal is to use the same personnel for both formations without substitutions.
  4. Btw, just because one of these acts only receives a slap on the wrist doesn't mean it's not as bad. Laws are made lenient mainly because there are too many men with influence participating in them.
  5. There really isn't much. It's pretty much understood that both are bad, but the worst is taking advantage of girls kidnapped at an early age and treated as property used by older men for sex. It is much worse and more despicable. It's not making light of the bad things that JR did, it's putting proper light on the sheer evil that sex slavery and human trafficking is as well as those who solicited and contributed to the problem as Kraft did.
  6. it's honestly hard to make a call like that for me, deciding between the two guys and what I thought at the time. you look at what KB did, and it was incredible. i mean it would have been nice to have smitty on the field with him (probably would have been ugly, in actuality), but it looked like we had found our next stud WR. the guy was a rookie and got over a thousand yards and 9 TDs. what's not to like or be excited about? I guess back then he was hungry for football more than for McDonalds. The situation was vastly different for both guys, though. When KB stepped on to the field he was a major focus of the offense. the guy was on the field nearly 90% of the plays that season and was targeted pretty heavily right out of the gate. he only had 5 games where he was targeted less than 8 times and the first time he got less than 8 was 7 weeks into the season. he had 2 games each where he was targeted 11, 12, and 13 times. I can only imagine what moore would have looked like had he been given that kind of attention. moore had to wait 10 weeks before he was targeted at least 8 times and even at that he was only targeted 8 or more times 5 times and never had a game where he was targeted more than 9. Even with that, though, he managed to get nearly 800 yards on 55 catches and he was used in more ways than KB. KB looked to be a good receiving option. DJ looks to be a good weapon who can make big plays as a receiver, a runner, and on STs. I don't know how DJ will shake out, but I can honestly say he could be the most exciting WR we've had since smitty. it was fun to watch KB catch the ball, but there wasn't much more to him than that. When you get the ball in DJ's hand's that's where the fun starts. Truthfully, you can say the same for him, CMC, and Samuel as well. Once those guys get the ball in their hands, good things happen. The thing that makes it better is that it's so easy to get the ball in their hands. They make themselves open and they are the most reliable WRs we've had in a long time. I can't wait to see a whole season with them and a healthy Cam.
  7. What is it likely to look like? I'm genuinely curious. DL will be who? LB corps will be...? Give me some of your ideas what it will look like and who we have can fit all the roles? If the answer isn't on the roster, who would be reasonable FA targets and who would we be targeting in the draft to fill it out? I guess we also have to keep in mind that the way rivera was talking this week, it will be a group that they can move from the 4-3 to a 3-4 without making any substitutions so that might make it a little more interesting. btw, If you're looking for ideas from me, you won't find them. I honestly don't have a clue how it's going to work or how to pull it off.
  8. yeah, on paper it's shaping up quite nicely and rivera did say all the right things (though I can't say i'm all that convinced on that one), but if rivera lives up to the things he's vocalized and we do well in the draft, i think we can have a great year. i'm extremely cautious, but bordering on optimistic. i'm not going to get bullish like I was last year, because as we saw, poo happens. still the potential is there. it's do or die for this regime, though. if they can't pull off an epically big season it's time to make some big changes.
  9. rayzor

    Kalil Household..

    I would take it right now and wouldn't even blink an eye. I don't care if I can't do the job. the guys throwing the money at me should have done a better job checking me out. if it's guaranteed pay, show me the dotted line.
  10. rayzor

    Kalil Household..

    it's over. he's gone. the guys mostly responsible for getting him here are gone (gettleman and big brother kalil). time to hope that what they are trying to do today will help take them the distance.
  11. Quit using girls as a derogatory description of people.
  12. rayzor

    Guess who’s bringing back the poll tax?

    @Trump2020 was @panthernation8923
  13. I have to say I don't have a problem. they've done really well aside from the torrey smith deal, which I guess they can still get out of and I hope they do because i'm not loving the idea of cam's fourth option getting that much money but whatever. hurney's done pretty well. some of the deals might come back to bite us in the butt down the road (more typical hurney structures), but I think it puts us in a good situation to win and I think the pressure to win this year is on in a big way. it hasn't necessarily been good long term decisions in FA so far, but it helps us in the now. That's actually fine, though. build for the future through the draft. take care of more immediate needs in FA and if you can get them done on one year deals...good. that was one aspect that I liked from gettleman and i'm liking in hurney this time around.