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  1. Pete's got the corniest campaign I've ever seen.
  2. Don't know. Right now we only have one TE and one RB from the way it has looked. They aren't exactly getting very many people involved.
  3. I think you have to have 100 posts or something like that before you can start a thread in here. Protection from spammers and trolls....mainly trolls tho.
  4. Yep. Dudes on a short leash with me. Next hint and he's gone for good, or until he gets another alt.
  5. Yep. Easiest thing to work out would be for Cam to be healthy. Known commodity if he is healthy. Anything else is going to be a gamble. Risky either way. Step away from Cam and there's no guarantee that we can find someone that is talented and dynamic enough of a presence to fill that void.
  6. If I knew what creative action to take I'd be the guy with the billions of dollars making the decision. I'm just pointing out that if he wants to keep building the brand and wants the team to be marketable, he needs to find a way to get the hype back in. He's got to replace that dynamic presence Cam had. Otherwise there's going to be a void and empty, quiet seats.
  7. Got to feel he made this whole thing worse. Until we can start winning, no one needs to be running their mouths about anything.
  8. CMC is in danger of being the next Barry Sanders. Huge wasted talent on a bad team leading to shortened career.
  9. This. Reporters looking for a story asking questions. Reid is part of an interesting one. Reporters have been flocking around him from day 1. He's got an opinion and thoughts and he's willing to share them. Many say he needs to go this on his time, but all he's doing is answering questions the flocking reporters ask him. Want to hate? hate on them.
  10. We just watched a QB throw 4 INTs to a team that only had 2 on the season. He's had 6 fumbles in his first four games and how many INTs in his last four? What is his turnover to TD ratio? Just how much worse can it get? I'm not a fan of Kaep as a player and I never was, but I doubt he'd be worse.
  11. Our QB sucked today. It's obvious we need help. He just happens to know a guy.
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