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  1. Kind of like that president guy? Agree with him or get out?
  2. So you pretty much just skipped over all the studs added to the offense in the last couple years, addition of norv and son to help cam and the offense, the boost to the OL, and improvements to the pass rush with Rivera finally taking over the defense.
  3. I don't have a problem with this thread and I agree with the first post, but it would be nice to see the OP and other major contributors of this thread who mainly stay in the tinderbox come in here and actually talk panthers/football more. Maybe when training camp starts....
  4. People act like this isn't that big of a deal because it's a different league or whatever, but who else matches up like this in their first several seasons?
  5. Wouldn't put any of the three you have in tier two above the panthers.
  6. If it doesn't profit the already rich and powerful, it's a radical left wing agenda.
  7. Cause people don't care if they get thrown under the bus in the press on a regular basis while the guy who is steering the ship keeps pointing fingers at everyone else. Public perception matters. At some point you're going to have a mutiny on your hands. They like him now. They won't always. When the waters get rough and stay rough and he does that poo they'll turn on him. It's not a good thing for a leader to be doing in any organization.
  8. Part of the problem is he doesn't own it publicly. At least he didn't. That's a big deal.
  9. Yeah the biggest problem from early in the season was the defense. It was largely undisciplined and to an extent felt like Mike Shula had started coaching the D in the way it was managed. Defense was sloppy, unprepared, and outcoached. We were lucky to have been on the streak we were on and it was only a matter of time before it was exposed. Rivera should have taken over much earlier.
  10. I used to write for a living as well. I had to write for several different places under a few pseudonyms, but largely I was just a ghostwriter for a bunch of people and all I did was write informational articles for websites. Lots of people are donating to patreon now, though, to support content they value. Quite a few people are paying for sites, YouTube channels, and podcasts that provide material they are interested in. More people than are realized are paying to read, watch, and listen to stuff online and they do it because they 1) genuinely like long form quality (that term is relative to the consumer) content and 2) they are tired of all the ads. This last one isn't necessarily tied to patron, but a lot of people will pay for content just so they don't have to deal with annoying ads. It always comes down to just a few bucks a month and when they can pay for a years worth of content for about as much as they would blow on one night at the movies or one meal at a restaurant, it's not that big of a deal. Not everyone is doing it, but if you're good enough at tailoring to your niche, you can earn enough to make providing the content worth your time. I don't think the Athletic will have all that hard of a time keeping going if the business model they chose has low overhead beyond paying for writers, especially if the writers, like most other content creators, have multiple streams of income.
  11. I love the idea of sports writing that isn't a slave to Twitter and whose only goal isn't to get poo out quicker than anyone...being able to write "Breaking:" before anyone else, but to get the real story with facts rather than the quotable blurb. Is that what this is? Real writing? Not bird (Twitter) poo? Might actually be worth it. I hate what Twitter has done to reporting and journalism.
  12. Saw that he also had 2nd most yards after reception than any other WR and more shed tackles than any other WR. And this was essentially after not really being utilized until several weeks into the season. Dudes gonna be a beast.
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