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  1. Biden has no pro-Biden support. The only thing he has going for him is he isn't trump, and that's not going to be enough to win. He has nothing. He brings nothing to the table at all. The DNC wanted to play it safe, and they are going to lose. Truthfully, they deserve to lose. The problem is...I don't think they care. As much as tump may be hated, he's been absolute gold for the establishment. Rich get richer. They get to protect what they've worked so hard for. Bernie and those backing him scare the establishment because it's a threat to the status quo that keeps them at the top and keeps them growing richer. What Bernie brought to the table was a leveling of the playing field and while that may be good for the workers of America, it turn the established order of things upside down. What they don't understand is the rich will still be rich. The problem is they will have to feel more of a bite to lessen the bite felt by those who struggle all the time. It doesn't matter to them that it makes the world better overall, because it shrinks their world a little. It takes away some of their elevation and they just can't have that. I'm just amazed at the sales job the establishment has done in getting so many people whose lives would be improved to sacrifice their well being and protect the richest among us. We could all be eating better, but we choose crumbs from the table if the rich to protect and ideal and a system that keeps us eating crumbs.
  2. Because of the things I had going on at the time, I didn't want to marry anyone that was running around the same circles I was in college. I knew there were some things about myself that needed to come to an end. I had the political stuff stuff going on that I was increasingly uncomfortable with and I was also in a band that was starting to gain a lot of steam, but there was a lot of stuff associated with that I knew wasn't sustainable and frankly just got tired of the whole scene. I didn't want to be with someone who knew that part of me to be with me expecting that part of me to keep being me, if that makes sense. I ended up marrying someone from back home after I got my MBA. She could care less about politics and has never seen me on stage. It was exactly what I needed.
  3. Long story but let's just say I did some wandering around for a while and landed at a school in another state. I took a risk. I had fun and a lot of good experiences while I worked my butt off. It was a great section of my life, but I could accomplished that a lot more cheaply, especially if I hadn't gone to school. But I had to prove myself. School I went to was really good and I connected with the admissions people pretty quickly. It was a good fit for where I thought I was at the time. Business program was great and I got to meet a lot of interesting and big names politically and some big players on the world stage as well. I just think my life would have been just as rich not going.
  4. I don't doubt this one bit. Problem is there will be a number of establishment democrats who will do the same. This isn't a democrat vs republican problem. It's a total lack of empathy for those who struggle and a matter of bring in bed with corporate america and the billionaire club.
  5. We've got breadlines already and our current system isn't exactly light years ahead or even away from dictatorships. We are close to the middle ages feudal system right now. Most of us are serfs.
  6. Yep. I grew up being taught it was the thing to do....that you had to do it for your life to matter. The cost was worth it, they said. People telling me that didn't have nearly so high a price to pay for their education. They lived with a very different reality than I found myself in, but the expectation was to play by the same rules. When you're young and growing up, you're supposed to listen to the advice of those older than you because they had supposedly been there before. The truth is, they hadn't. The game changed.
  7. BBA and MBA out of state private University and 15+ years of interest. Came from a lower middle class family so couldn't get much in grants. No money to pay for it so had to borrow most of it which was (too) easy to do. I was young and financial aid department said it was a good idea (of course) and helped me get as much as possible. I worked, but I had to live off campus so most my money went to living expenses while loans took care of college. Spending several years struggling as a small business owner didn't help either. Made it hard to get ahead paying anything on it. Lots of hard lessons learned. Lots of work. Not much to show for it except a couple pieces of paper and college debt I'll never be able to pay off....but it was all what you were "supposed" to do. Zigged when I should have zagged.
  8. Also, being the guy that tells his people they just lost their job sucks.
  9. I was brought up believing it was a good investment. What a lie.
  10. I live and work in a small rural area where 2 of the biggest non-healthcare employers had to close up and lay nearly everyone off. In a matter of just a few days over 1200 people got laid off and there are more to come. I'm trying to avoid saying anything about my situation, but I'm in management and it's not looking good. Best case scenario is I take a demotion. Not very likely that will happen, though. I have a full-time job that is likely going to end and a part time job that is on hold and my wife was a substitute teacher. I help take care of my aged parents and pay their utilities in addition to all my own family's bills. Needless to say, a lot depends on my ability to provide. I was actually just getting ready to take a third needed job, but that's on hold as well. I have 180k left in student loans. My situation was hard before all this blew up. Now? Ugh.
  11. If your the expert at everything you don't make mistakes. Therefore, when mistakes are made, it has to be someone else's fault...right?
  12. Here's a good solution that any good Christian or Jew should be interested in and in favor of. If they know their Bible's and understood the principles of it, they would know this without googling. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/03/21/debt-jubilee-is-only-way-avoid-depression/
  13. Realizing that harbingers just isn't worth the effort.
  14. I know for a fact this is not true and the number is growing.
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