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  1. If this is true, I just wish he was as determined to make the team successful as he is his protege. He loses games, he fails. It's that simple.
  2. I don't blame washington for being a horrible DC. I blame rivers for not recognizing it and/or continuing to utilize him in that capacity. Just because you believe a guy can do a job doesn't mean he can. At dome point you have to open your eyes to reality and move on.
  3. Probably so, and if it is, we deserve to lose. Fire his moronic arse. So dumb.
  4. I had this sick suspicion that he had last week, but I haven't wanted to go back and watch that poo show of a game last week to see. It sure seems like he did and if he did, he needs to be gone or at least reminded again by tepper how stupid that is. I'm starting to feel bad for Tepper. Guy pays 2+ billion of his own money and keeps putting money into developing and growing the team only to be stuck with the clowns running this show. I'd be pissed.
  5. This coaching staff doesn't know how to win, their goal isn't to win. Their goal is how to keep from losing while we stick to whatever plan we go into the game with come hell or high water, (over)using whoever we really like right now. Rivera has never had the killer mindset he needs to be a truly great coach. Right now he's trying damage control, which is a precursor to losing.
  6. We lose close games at home. On the road we lose even bigger. Murray turns into a media darling and we get one game closer to Hurney and Rivera getting canned. I've got no faith in this team anymore.
  7. The problem is we find ourselves in that kind of situation too often. Close but not good enough. That's a leadership thing.
  8. Breakdown is an appropriate word for this OL. Pretty easily crumbled.
  9. I predict he'll look ok until that OL lets him get massacred.
  10. @thebigcat was apparently inspired by @RetiredCollegeCoach . I'm going to be inspired real soon to sweep him, too. Won't take much more of his poo to make it happen.
  11. If by blessing in disguise you mean helping us get a really early pick, then yes.
  12. You can see the frustration is getting to him and him saying he needs to look at himself in the mirror probably says a lot about where he is right now too.
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