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  1. rayzor

    Tepper is not JR

    People act like firing Hurney and Rivera would have been a rash decision, as if there isn't years of data already there to support the decision to move on. Tepper may be new to owning the team, but Rivera and Hurney are far from new. It wouldn't have been a rash decision. It would have been a decision based on 8 years with Rivera not being able to manage back to back winning seasons and presiding over one of the biggest collapses in a season the league has ever seen. And Hurney....meh. twice he had had this job. Should be more than enough. They think all they need anything s guidance. Teaching an old dog new trucks. Well I guess it worked for the consummate professional the delhomme was, why not? Ugh. I guess we like chasing our tail. One day we might catch it, right?
  2. What direction is a dog going when it's chasing it's own tail?
  3. This has to be the result of outside pressure on Rivera and Hurney who fit Richardson's philosophy of protecting the old guard. Rivera is known to have said he didn't like the way he felt was an early release from his s career as a player, that he didn't get to retire when he wanted to on his own terms so he took the opportunity to provide that for players who had paid their dues in the league. Performance was secondary. The focus was maturity. You don't have to look any further than Hurney and his legendarily bad contracts to order players as a "thanks for all you've done" rather than looking forward to what they were able to do down the road. Hurney preferred the old guard and he was brought back by Richardson specifically for that reason. It's nice and full of warm fuzzies, but good vibes and a family like environment doesn't necessarily win games, in fact strict adherence to protecting that will cost you. The truth is, the older you are the slower you are and the less endurance you have. You field a team with a lot of old guys and you may have the smartest and wisest team, you might even have the most skilled players in the league, but you won't be a consistent winner because you don't have the speed and endurance you need for a long season. You make sacrifices along the way to help extend their life, but those sacrifices result in missed practices and a poorly prepared team. This is a mindset that Hurney and Rivera have to adapt to or else the team fails again. Personally, I don't think they can pull it off because they have to sacrifice so much philosophically to do it. It's gonna be a struggle.
  4. As it should be at this point. Shoild have been done after Steelers fiasco wven though warning signs were there all season that Washington was way in over his head. Agreed this has to be a Tepper inspired call though. If Rivera is the guy that we thought he was when he was hired, there should be no reason we aren't a top 5 D every year.
  5. rayzor

    Lance Taylor Gone

    Only coaches in areas that there were issues. Of all the issues we had, WR was waaaaaaayyy down the list. So, who coaches getting fired is the issue. Rivera doesn't fire friends or long-termers. That's the problem.
  6. rayzor

    Knock Knock. Who's there?

    I'm just waiting for the koolaid drinkers to tell us it's ok and just accept it and be happy to be a fan. Can't do it anymore.
  7. We have no pass rush so let's go get another corner.
  8. rayzor

    Panthers New Year Resolutions

    Hire a progressive GM Hire an aggressive HC Get the best LG and C available. Get younger and better safety to replace Adams and keep Reid. Stop loading up on nickles hoping they can play outside and get a couple more CBs who can play outside. Fix the pass rush Get plan B for QB.
  9. Carolna Panthers.... retirement home for aged vets. Forget winning a Lombardi. Retire with dignity on your own terms. After all, it's all about the players who have paid their dues being able to keep getting paid. Excellence is not a priority. Staying in the game is. Gahhhhh..I'm so ready to be done with Rivera/Hurney.
  10. So much makes sense now. Not at all surprising. He's still bitter about getting the axe as a player and feels it's his mission to keep that from happening to other vets. That's why this team has been older and FAs gravitated to the older guys as well. #1 goal as head coach is not to make your players feel good about life. Tbays the job of a life coach, not a professional football coach. It's not to be the guy in charge you wish you had at the end of your playing career. #1 goal is to win. That's goal #1, #2, #4, and #4. He never figured that out.
  11. rayzor

    do we have to play this game tonight

    I think I'll survive. If they win then I'll watch the recording. Not at all counting on it though.
  12. rayzor

    do we have to play this game tonight

    I'm not even hating that I have to go to work tonight.
  13. Opening battle scene from enemy at the gates.