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  1. So I live way out in the middle of nowhere. We've got 40 acres so we got a lot of wildlife that live here and around us. Apparently this is skunk mating season so they are out more, as my dog discovered a few days ago. This wasn't the first time I've had to deal with skunk spray. I'm not sure how many times I've dealt with it, every dog we've had our here has gotten sprayed at least once so we've done some experimenting. First....tomato juice doesn't work too well. Just forget that one. This last one was the most successful. In a bucket mix: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide 1 cup baking soda Few tablespoons of Dawn dish soap (I actually just squirt a bunch in) About a quarter cup vinegar (doesn't matter what kind I don't guess, I used apple cider vinegar) After you've got it mixed up use some rubber gloves, mix up the solution. Grab a big sponge like you'd use to wash your car and soak your dog. Make sure to get it on the face. Then let it sit for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, do it again. Don't rinse it off. Just let it soak in. After another 5 minutes do it again and wait another 5 minutes. After that 3td time, rinse it off then use a dog shampoo, preferably with baking soda in it, and give the dog a good wash and rinse it real good. dryit off a little with an old towel then let it airdry outside the rest of the way. Now keep in mind that for a couple days there will be a faint skunk smell, but it's not too bad. If the dog gets wet a little the smell will probably get stronger but still it will go away when it dries. By the way, I couldn't catch my dog until the morning to wash it and it did ok. I've heard you need to do it quickly and usually did, but sometimes you just have to let the dog deal with the smell for a while. Thee benefit there is the smell won't be as harsh the next day, which makes it easier to get up close and wash it, plus it gives the dog some time to sit and ponder why chasing a skunk wasn't such a good idea.
  2. Chiefs. I like Reid to scheme around what the 49ers throw at them.
  3. I love this and never thought of it this way. Trump is actually a socialist. A corporate socialist. A corporatist. The same is true for most republicans (at least the ones in office) and you can probably say the same for many if the establishment democrats. The want to give out all this money to big corporations in the form of subsidies and bailouts and it helps out exactly how many people? It helps out the people slipping money back into the pockets of the politicians who keep them afloat and in power.
  4. Lol sorry but that's a ridiculous take.
  5. I don't even think he's that big of a deal. Unless they've got some OC that can build on what Brady did with him, Cinderella is going to lose her shoe. Burrow will turn back into a JAG like he was before Brady got to him.
  6. Burrow was an average Joe until he met Brady. Rhule and Brady specialize at taking average Joe's and pulling something great out of them. We can find a decent enough QB somewhere else and the coaching staff will turn it into something good. We don't need Burrow, but what Cincy will find out is that they need someone like Brady to help him.
  7. I mean for QB aside from Cam that was a horrible year. Yo Gabba Gabba was the other choice in the draft and we were talking about going out and getting a dinosaur like Billy Volek in FA. We were rebuilding. Cam just made too much sense at #1 above all the other choices. We're in a pretty crappy situation right now as far as key personnel goes, but I'm trusting the incoming coaching staff to do a lot more with less.
  8. Focus on building the OL and either roll with Cam (only if he's 100% healthy at 20mil), pick up a serviceable QB, or draft a mid round QB and let Brady do some magic. Don't want to invest too heavy in WB until we can do more to protect him.
  9. What I'm seeing too. Hard to stop. We just have to hit them when they show up. Got a few of us watching so they we'll keep swatting.
  10. I fully believe that burrows is an ok QB that Brady was able to do something wonderful with. You give Brady an ok QB and he's going to make that guy and that offense 0lay above where they normally would. He and Rhule specialize in creating a situation and building a team that overachieves and overperforms. Can't wait to see what they put together.
  11. I don't think that's the logic. You take the best player you can at whatever position you're at. Cam was far and away the best at 1. I think the lesson should be don't feel it necessary to trade up to get a QB at 1 thinking it will result in a championship. I just don't want Marty mortgaging the future again.
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