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  1. I hope so because at best it looks like a toss up to me. Whole lot of figuring poo out and 8mprovements made on defense needs to be made. LB corps is horrible and the rest of the D is just sloppy. And then there's boston.
  2. Onsides quick is rarely a good call. Typically it's a horrible call. Last ditch effort. Act of pure desperation with almost no chance of success.
  3. Yes, they made adjustments. Not used to that, but this team from top to bottom is in over their heads. 'A' for effort though (except Boston. He's all hair.)
  4. Almost would rather watch the clausen era. This is horrible.
  5. I've moved on. And I've moved you on. Bye again.
  6. I'm sure he's a great guy. He should be carrying a clipboard.
  7. Keeping our kids in a war that we can't win and then saying and doing poo to make the enemies hate us more us not helping our military. All trump does is make these kids jobs more dangerous and then kick them to the curb when their time is up. If they get hurt or captured, then he makes fun of them and disrespects them. The best thing we can do for our men and women who serve is to make their job unnecessary and work for peace...and real peace isn't achieved by violence.
  8. Doesn't seem like anybody is really excited about anything this year. It's a rough year and entertainment industry is pretty much shut down. People aren't doing much or spending much because there's not much to do. Crappy election cycle with horrible choices and a nationally mismanaged pandemic has us in the doldrums for the year. The country is in a funk. Plus, aside from CMC there are really no familiar faces on the panthers anymore. It's a totally different team that we have to get used to. The team has to figure out how to win games and fans back after the team had been mismanaged for years. I watched the game but I didn't have a clue who I was watching and rooting for. I'm guessing I'm not alone. It's hard starting over in a normal year. In 2020 all you can hope for is to make it out alive and somewhat sane.
  9. So? It's only week 1. People making too big of a deal of week 1. Pretty meaningless in its use to give us an idea about how the season is going to go. About as meaningless as the first preseason game.
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