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Found 8 results

  1. https://wfnz.radio.com/articles/ap-news/its-unanimous-kuechly-repeats-aps-best-inside-backer Luke Kuechly was voted the NFL's top inside linebacker by The Associated Press for the second straight year Friday, with all 10 members of the panel picking the Carolina star first. "Hands down the top linebacker in the game," wrote Barry Wilner, the AP's lead NFL writer based in New York. "Kuechly is destructive against the run, savvy and versatile against the pass. A leader by example." [Mosley was 3rd.] Mosley was a walk-in starter as a rookie first-round pick in 2014, the last time the Ravens made the playoffs. They missed the postseason for a third straight year in 2017 despite a career-high 132 tackles from Mosley. Tied for second in the AFC North with Cincinnati, Baltimore is the only NFL team allowing fewer than 300 yards per game. Opponents are averaging 281 yards. "Baltimore is playing smothering defense and looking much like the 2000 squad that won a Super Bowl, and Mosley is a key piece to this unit," wrote Tennessee-based AP Pro Football Writer Teresa Walker. What happened to the " " option for formatting?
  2. Shannon Sharpe was just hilarious on his comparison of Luke and Sean. Just watch, that's all I can tell you. Highlighted him and all.
  3. Jeremy Igo

    Hilarious Luke Kuechly Video

    Turns out, Luke Kuechly doesn't take great pleasure in pancaking offensive players on their blind side. (be sure sound is on) Had to do it, had to do it.
  4. Jeremy Igo

    Luke happy... but not satisfied

    After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored their first points of the game on Sunday, Luke Kuechly was visibly upset. I was about 20 yards away from him at the time, but I heard his yell over the cheering crowd. Luke instantly transformed from a mild mannered soft spoken player to someone entirely different. He ran to the sideline to see what had happened and what could be done to fix it. Immediately Luke and Thomas Davis began pouring over the game book, looking for corrections to be made and opportunities to be made. That is the thing with Kuechly. Beat him physically, as rare as that is, and he will brush himself off and try again. Beat him mentally within a play.... and he is going to come back at you having instantly learned that lesson. Kuechly is a true football book worm and takes getting caught off guard very personally. I caught up with Luke in the locker room after the game to find out why he was so visibly upset. "Our mindset is to get a shut out." said Kuechly. "We want to win games, we want to shut teams out." Kuechly went on to make what may have won the game, the forced fumble in the fourth quarter. Fueled by his emotion, Luke imposed his will on the game. This is the mark of a true legend in the making. I don't feel that is an overstatement. The funny thing is, Kuechly was hesitant to take much credit for one of the most important plays of the game. In fact, I found him in the corner of the locker room quietly buttoning his shirt away from the media hoopla. Luke is never interested in talking about himself. "It was a three wide receiver set and he bursted weak, that was my coverage." Kuechly remarked on the play of the forced fumble. "So I had to get on my horse and get over there." Of course, the fumble was then recovered by Bene Benwikere, who Luke was anxious to praise. "A lot of the credit goes to Bene, who was running to the ball. We talk about that all the time. You run to the football and good things happen. Bene was able to get there, scoop it up, and keep it inbounds. I think that was probably the best part of the play." Kuechly added.
  5. Jeremy Igo

    The Maturation of Luke

    As you all know, Peter King recently published an article where he discussed the maturation of Cam Newton. After spending time interviewing Luke Kuechly on the record one on one, King decided to write about an off the record discussion centered on Cam Newton. It recently occurred to me that Peter King completely missed the opportunity to discuss an actual maturation example in a player. That player is Luke Kuechly. What? Luke Kuechly has matured? Hasn't he always been a mature player? Well, yes and no. For some players maturation means developing into a quality starter. For others, it means developing into a team leader. In 2012, Luke Kuechly came into the league as "pro ready" as any college player could be. Still, he was a rookie, and rookies need mentors. Former Panthers middle linebacker Jon Beason was that mentor for Luke. Beason, who missed most of the season due to injury, took the time to mentor his eventual replacement. In fact, Panthers fans should thank Beason for not only his play on the field, but also the accelerated development of Kuechly. During Luke's rookie season, Beason predicted to me that Kuechly would be a great player in this league. Fast forward to 2014, the student is now the teacher. During the Friday night Bills preseason game, Luke was coaching up his crew on the sidelines well into the 4th quarter. Kuechly has developed his own unique leadership style, different from Jon Beason's but just as effective. Panthers linebacker Chase Blackburn recently described it. "Fantastic. Quiet most of the time, but when it comes time to talk his words are powerful because he talks so little" Blackburn remarked. "He leads with his play. How he practices, how he prepares, and how he plays the game." Kuechly has become the leader that every franchise in the league would love to have. Quiet but powerful, leading by example. These are the leaders that make every player around them better. Now that is an actual maturation of a player worthy of discussion.
  6. In only 21 games played, Luke Kuechly has already become the best middle linebacker the Panthers have ever had. Actually, he is the second best player at his position they Panthers have ever had, right behind Steve Smith. That is a heavy statement, given the proud history of MLB's like Dan Morgan and Jon Beason, both excellent players in their own right. Kuechly is a more talented and more complete player than either of them. Its not his speed, size, or tackling ability that sets him apart. But instead, its his nose. Luke has a nose for the football like i have never seen in a Panthers uniform. As a sideline photographer, this makes my life pretty easy when shooting the defense. Getting a good shot is fairly simple. Focus on Kuechly and follow him. Chances are he will be in on the play for that snap or at the very least indicate for me where the action will be. Thanks for making it easy, Luke. The only knock on Kuechly last season was his pedestrian pass coverage. This season he has focused in on that and currently has the highest ranking on PFF of any inside linebacker. New England's Brandon Spikes is listed in second place. Kuechly leads the Panthers defense with 48 stops. In Kuechly the Panthers have Urlacher 2.0. A stud linebacker who dominates in all aspects of the game and has stayed completely healthy while doing so.
  7. Two Words... Phillip Dillard Who is that you ask? Most casual Panthers fans don't know. He was the backup middle linebacker to Jon Beason. Phillip Dillard, the 6'0 4th round draft pick of 2010 waived by the Giants and signed to the Panthers practice squad. If Beason went down this season again, Dillard was our guy. Yikes. Put yourself in Hurney and Rivera's shoes. Yes, your interior DL is hurting, but you have two young prospects already taken in the third round last season. You also have a veteran coming back who did not play a down last season to rotate in and out with the young guys. Now look at your LB needs. You have three terrific linebackers. Davis probably won't play a full season again due to three ACL injuries, I'm sorry to say. Beason is an all pro but coming off a torn achilles. His prognosis is good, but their are no guarantees. James Anderson is the only player on the squad that is a high level pro linebacker who stands a good chance of starting and finishing the season. So on draft day this kid Luke Kuechly drops in your lap. He is the best LB in the draft. He played in a very similar LB scheme at Boston College. He is smart, very smart. He is also probably automatically the best cover LB on the squad in a division full of talented TE's. He can play in the middle, he can play in the outside. Hell, I bet he could play fullback. He can shore up a ton of questions marks going into the season. In short, he gives the Panthers the most value at #9 than any other player on the board and we are lucky to have him. They got it right.
  8. LB - Boston College http://www.cbssports...players/1664814 http://walterfootbal...012lkuechly.php