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Found 7 results

  1. With Olsen out CMC is gonna have to put in more work on the receiving side being the #1 option. Norv needs to utilize CAP and save the wear and tear on CMC. If C.J. or CMC goes down there wouldn’t be no real RB to takeover with an already depleted offense. P.S. CAP is solid in pass protection!
  2. Ace_Aladdin


    Week in and week out opposing defenses commit to stopping the run, but it seems like Norv never makes them pay for overstacking the box. I am surprised Play-Action isn’t one of the foundation for this offense considering the teams commitment to running the ball. It also doesn’t hurt to have a mobile QB that can add another dimension to the plays. I would understand holding onto the ball is killing the deep passing plays with weak protection, but PA coupled with faster recivers like Moore and Samuel would develop the plays faster and allow CAM to get rid of the ball earlier.
  3. It seems like ole Norv. is still calling plays from Shula’s playbook, and using the frachinse QB as a battering ram. What ever happened to running more pro-style offense and using the QB as QB that can make plays from the pocket first. Do you think he doesn’t trust Cam’s throwing ability? Why did Norv call a read-option play on 2 &17 when most competent offenses would look to pass first?
  4. One notable take away from preseason so far is the run game that doesn’t rely on QB1. Most analysts still argues that in order for CAM to be successfull this season he is gonna have to run the read option to compensate for his “accuracy issues” but so far the preseason has shown that CAM can be Brady like by taking what defense gives him. His legs will be the icing on the cake for the offense as added dimension. I believe the momentum from preseason in the run game and defense is gonna carryover into the regular season for a 4-0 start! RB Corp: CMC, CAP & CJ Prediction: Panthers will have one RB with 1,000 yds rushing, one with 1,000 yds receiving & one with 400yds each!
  5. Ace_Aladdin

    Olsen & Thomas

    Everyone knows Olsen is the Top Dawg and it’s gonna take some adjustments to keep the offense rolling but the coaching staff shouldn’t limit Ian Thomas’s playbook. I believe he can handle all of Olsen’s duties until he returns after the bye week. P.S. the OTs will need all the help they can get!
  6. Is CMC probably going to the #1 receiver with Olsen out and sluggish performance by Funchess?
  7. Greg Olsen & Ian Thomas are 2 studs that can do it all whether it’s getting dirty and doing some run blocking or going out wide and moving the chains for CAM in clutch situation. They are gonna deliver the W every week like your mail man/women! Kalil will be fine in Norv’s scheme.