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ESPN reporter says his opinion is that Vick...

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.....will go to the Panthers before it is said and done.

Did anyone else see this report last night?

No, I don't think it will happen....but I don't think it is a foregone conclusion that it won't...

Thoughts? Did you see the segment?

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After I heard 2 different reports say that Carolina would be a perfect fit for him, I actually thought about it. At first it was just every 30 sec was an update on whats hes doing, what hes eating and where he's shopping so it was annoying hearing his name. now i realy thought about him in Carolina blue just running around the field. You know he will have that amazing 60 yard TD, but at the same time he will have 2 late game picks. Im not for or against bringin him in. whatever happens happens.

Im just sick of people calling him a "Wildcat Quarterback". A quarterback thts behind center running the wildcat is just a QB Sneak. Its the same as 80% of the plays he ran with Atl. So how people expect him to come in the league aftrer a 2 year absence and just take over is beyond me. Hes a good athlete and below average qb

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didn't kurt warner's wife play webster's mom on that show?


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Wasn't that Alex Karras? I always mix up who was on that show.

You are correct. He's also correct because Butkus did appear on the show a couple times as he was Karras' teammate.

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