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NFL.com Pro-Bowl

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Glad to see at least one person pick Brad Hoover. One picked Travelle Wharton as well.

I think that these are the two best players we've had all season.

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Big Ben? McNabb? What's with these bizarro picks from George?

I generally like Kirwan but LT? Seriously? How in the world can that pick be justified? Like the Daniels pick though.

Asomugha finally gets some recognition. He should send Jake a gift basket though for helping his campaign. :lol:

Not surprised D'Will is getting snubbed. Turner will get in by virtue of the boatload of carries he gets although he better be careful his career doesn't go the route of Jamal Anderson.

Smitty just might be snubbed but then again, at least he'll get votes unlike a certain Dallas WR that got none.

Guess the writers wants to bankrupt the Panthers by voting for Pep and Gross so that they play for big market teams instead! NOOOOO!!!

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....ON NFL.com

Pep was the only consistent player that was on the "experts" ballots. Some of them were voting Bradie James ahead of Beason for MLB?? Ken Lucas got the same amount of votes as Gamble did...ONE! Steve got two votes which isn't really surprising considering the depth of WR in the NFC and the fact that he missed the first two games but I mean really...Beason not on everyone's ballot after leading the NFC in tackles through this week? The guy really could be the best linebacker in the NFL and he gets very little love unless you really know your football.


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