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    • You guys keep saying this, so I'll keep repeating my response to this notion: The ability to manage the details of multiple complex projects at once is definitely part of the required skill set of a successful hedge fund manager, and Tepper is one of the most successful ever. The notion that he can't do both things is based in your own understanding of what the AVERAGE person is capable of doing, not the guy who's a self made billionaire that is perfectly capable of BOTH managing his NFL team and acquiring an MLS franchise. For a guy like Tepper, being able to do both things isn't an either or proposition or even a "I have to do this thing before I can start on that thing" proposition.  There are only so many decisions you can make in a day regarding your NFL franchise. Once you have made them, right or wrong, there is still plenty of time in the day to do other things, because successful managing isn't looking over your employees shoulders at every moment and micro managing what they do. That's the Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones model. And I say that as someone who has never followed MLS and can't say i'm super overjoyed we're getting a team. To me it's nice, and I might or might not wind up paying some amount of attention to it, but I'm not saying this because I want the MLS franchise, but just because the notion he can't do both things is rooted in a poor understanding of the abilities of someone at that level.
    • he's been really disappointing with michigan, his brother is great but im not so sure about him anymore. the poo at ann arbor looks really bad, i'd be very whelmed by it. notfurious, not gleaming with happiness, just kind of like, ok i guess. he's a very safe choice, and would probably be ran out of town within a few years giving how antsy this fanbase has gotten due to the recent bout of underachieving. he's been the epitome of that at michigan.
    • Just a heads up but you have NYJ playing twice this week.
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