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Jeremy Igo

Gettleman: Oher can be answer at left tackle

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DG could have brought in S.Henderson and J.Hurst two UDFAS last season,or hell even one and it would have been an improvement over Bell and Chandler.but DG didn't do anything last offseason to address our needs at tackle besides pursue A.Collins and when that didn't materialize Bell and Chandler were our ONLY two options.but lets continue blaming Hurney and our cap space for Bell and Chandler starting last season.


seantrel henderson graded one spot higher than byron bell last year on PFF.  he was the third worst tackle in the entire league.  james hurst was the sixth worst.  our own blindside graded out higher than both of them.  i mean things like this are easy to say when you watch them on some other team getting their quarterbacks killed.  the rhetoric out of this fanbase probably would be the same right now.


it's amusing to me how lining up nate chandler at RT and byron bell's ass up at LT was such a travesty but the proposed solution to that problem was either a 7th round rookie (which is what henderson actually was, not an UDFA) and a rookie UDFA in hurst whom nobody would recognize or care about if he wasn't a tar heel.  making either of those two day one starters is every bit the "gamble" with cam's health that chandler or bell would have been even if they both turned in to all pros.

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