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    • Agree--but his logic was wrong because if its implications that any QB drafted later has an equal or greater chance of winning a Super Bowl, based on his conclusion that Burrow is a bad idea.  While the percentage of any QB winning a Super Bowl is small, the point he is making is that only 4 times has it happened in 30 years if you do not count the non-starters.  That is 13.3%, a much higher percentage than any one QB's chance of winning a Super Bowl NOT drafted first overall.  His logic is skewed because the only way to win his argument is to compare a very small population of players selected to go to the worst teams in the league vs. the entire body of QBs that started during that time period.  16 first overall picks (some busts like Couch and Russell)  vs. about 400 QBs taken or signed as free agents.   So if the implication is you have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl with a QB not taken first overall, that is not correct at all.
    • Next year isn’t a tank year. I think we do everything we can to bring Cam back for a year, if we can’t then we start the rebuild from here. If we do keep him and we suck we let him walk and start the bad years after that. 7 years for Rhules contract is oddly specific given the 5 year rule most GM and owners follow.    1 year with Cam if he wants to come back 1 year to tank if it doesn’t work 5 years to build a team to contend   I think they laid out Rhules contract with hope that Cam is back for at least one more year
    • ...and that's the entire point. Gun nuts think that ANY law regarding guns is extreme.  They want unfettered access to any kind of weapon or gun that they can dream up.  Look at the pics of that fool walking around with a .50 cal in the streets.  There is no reason whatsoever for a civilian to have that weapon. None.  That is a weapon of war. Spare me that crap about taking on the army in case of a civil war or whatever... that .50 cal won't do poo against a tank. I like guns. I went shooting this weekend at a local range...  but I'd give that poo up in less than a heartbeat if it meant saving actual living people.  
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