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    • Personally I think the extension is a huge deal, and honestly  he has more leverage than people think.  Contractually he might not, but there other ways to create leverage.   Players in multiple sports are showing that more and more.  He can easily say "if you don't sign me to an extension now there is no way I'm resigning the following year."  At that point you stand the chance of losing him for nothing. Not to mention I'm not sure if you want an ugly contract situation with your franchise QB. Also he would be crazy to take short term prove it deals, not to mention his agent wouldn't' be doing his job. If he fully expects to be healthy he has every right to expect a contract comparable to other top QBs.  If he has any doubt that he is going to be healthy, then that is even more reason to find a team willing to give a longer t3erm deal with guaranteed money.  Why would you take a one year deal to prove you aren't healthy?  This might be his last chance to get a big contract. This is one of those situations where both sides might be right.  I can't blame Cam for looking for a contract that is comparable to other top QBs, but I also can't blame the team for not wanting to pay that. When it is all said it done, my best guess is they trade him this offseason.  The team will probably get less in trade value then a lot on here think.  Also his next contract will probably be less than he is wanting but still more than we are willing to pay. On a side note, I find it interesting that a lot of the people on here that are Cam fanboys and quick to defend him in every situation are also quick to suggest that he should play out his contract on basically a one year deal or to accept a lot of stipulations in his next contract.  I guess it is convenient to champion a cause when it lines up with your wants. If Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees got hurt the year before their contract year they would still expect to negotiate as if they were top QBs in the league.  Especially if the medical prognosis was full recovery.  
    • I feel like Atlanta has had the ball almost all 1st Quarter....well..I guess thats because they have!!  Gotta get a 3rd Down stop here!
    • Time to change my mind still, but Vernon Butler has probably been the biggest surprise on the team this year. There aren’t a lot of options though
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