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    • No.....they actually mentioned the instances of wrong doing. would like to hear from the fisa judges that were duped.
    • Even if they draft a qb bro, that doesn’t mean he will get thrown to the fire. In the end KA had a 5-0 record in the NFL until injuries piled up... if only people gave him the same benefit of the doubt they gave Cam.... I could very well see us going LT top ten or WR and taking the gamble this year with Allen... in the end Short and Poe getting hurt is why we can’t stop a nosebleed... we had one of the top defenses in the league before SF...
    • The only thing I don’t get is why the democrats are potentially hamstringing themselves on trumps taxes being included in the articles if crimes can be proven by reviewing them. RBG has already said the Supreme Court will review all three cases on the 13th and most likely vote on them. Assuming the SC votes to release(which I have a hard time believing they won’t even with two trump justices.)  I get the fact they can trickle information out if they wanted to during the election. If there was a single crime on the returns though. MOUNTAINS of people in the trump administration, tax company, bank would be guilty of obstruction, among a plethora of other crimes.  The office of the president and the IRS would keep these things on record though and the next administration would have access to them, which begs question, these people in trumps circle know they will be looked at in the future. They can’t be that stupid to think they won’t. Unless they are thinking they can rely on the Supreme Court to block everything and immunize trump forever.  But back on the democratic side, if there are crimes in his taxes, adding those to the impeachment articles will be what breaks the senates back. The senate will be forced to take action or be in the conspiracy themselves. They know that the Barr DOJ won’t follow prosecution even if there is a crime on paper staring them in the face. However, the SDNY will bring house against him and against them.  There must be something I’m not seeing, because impeaching him for additional crimes a second time(it is allowed), especially during the heat of election season just doesn’t seem feasible. 
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