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    • Just got back from the final hoorah of summer with my lady friend and all of our kids (5 of em).  Gotta say Universal Studios Orlando did not disappoint. I enjoyed it so much more than Disney. Marvel, Harry Potter, Transformers, Simpsons, all the stuff I like.  Highly recommend. 
    • That is part of the issue. On a 3-4 more linemen and fullbacks will reach the second level. Linebackers have to be able to shed blockers to get to the runner. Plus instead of trying to get pressure all the time the 3 down linemen need to secure the gap first and then focus on rushing the passer not go full tilt toward the QB. Most sacks in a 3-4 come from the linebackers not the down linemen.
    • On this play there was nothing Cam could do, Manhertz whiffed. If he had held his block they were also blitzing up the middle and Armand completely whiffed on the linebacker on the delayed blitz when NE sent five and delayed blitzed a 6th.  There was actually a 7th linebacker ready to blitz if the rush didn't get there but he backed off when he saw Cam getting swarmed 
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