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11 minutes ago, GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER said:


lol came here to post this. what is the cure for this poo?

Letting them have their way so they can just kill themselves off quicker or somehow managing to completely push them to the margins of society where they have no say? I'd prefer the latter but that feels really difficult atm.

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"This is not to suggest that Pyle found the cause of incendiary college-campus crusaders to be noble. "Right-wing speakers take pleasure in baiting left-wing audiences into paroxysms of outrage," he said. "And the right-wing speakers want to be paid for doing so in the name of free speech. This is not civil discourse, which involves joining issue on issues that matter, in ways that are civil and move the discussion towards constructive ends. We have very little civil discourse in America today."

Of course, public opinion, left or right, that certain types of speech are inimical to civil discourse doesn't necessarily translate into censorship, as a mountain of court cases demonstrates. Still, there are incidences when unruly audiences shut down speeches, particularly outside the U.S. Last March, on a campus farther north, protesters pulled a fire alarm, shutting down a talk at the Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario by Faith Goldy, one of Canada's most prominent propagandists of the "white genocide" conspiracy theory. A foundational conceit of modern white supremacists, it theorizes that a powerful cabal of Jews is forcing assimilation of non-white populations—i.e. "multiculturalism"—to engineer the death of the white race. The subject of her talk was a more gently formulated variation on the form: "Ethnocide: Multiculturalism and European-Canadian Identity." The host for the talk was Lindsay Shepherd, a young graduate student who had her own brush with university politics and started a free-speech club called the Laurier Society for Open Inquiry. Shepherd, while no white nationalist herself, later stated that she wants "to talk about [issues like being white] neutrally," which apparently included presenting white-supremacist conspiracy theories as worthy discourse at a major university."


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    • While I appreciate that we might not have seen everything, in speaking only of the portrayal, most of the "negative" from Donte came prior to the Pittsburgh game . . . not while we were on that losing streak.  He had coaches and players all talking to him about mistakes he kept making . . . while we were winning. Perhaps the season changed him.  Time will tell.  Time also has a chance to change him.  It did with Cam, it can with Donte.  I don't expect him to be the "finished product" at this point of his career, nor should he expect it of himself.  He should however listen when coaches and veterans try to help him. Maybe JNo could give him a call.
    • Donte Action Jackson‏Verified account @_DJack01 FollowFollow @_DJack01 More The way that @allornothingtv portrayed me is actually the exact opposite of what I really am, that was a tough season, I wasn’t the only guy in that building tired of losing! 7:45 PM - 19 Jul 2019
    • Donte Action Jackson‏Verified account @_DJack01 FollowFollow @_DJack01 More Watching @allornothingtv pissed me off lowkey, y’all did me down bad. 7:31 PM - 19 Jul 2019
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