If you intend to call me a racist, bigot, Nazi... whatever... feel free to back that claim up.  If you're Gazi or Rodeo, you'll invent some "dog whistle" and claim that I'm all over it.  The truth is that you won't find anything because it simply isn't there. People here can't take a serious look at the simple fact that kneeling during the national anthem isn't some great sacrifice.  CK started doing it based on a premise that was found to be a complete and utter lie ("hands up, don't shoot") to garner support as a PR stunt rather than getting his game where it needs to be as an NFL QB.  Now that this has taken hold of the public eye, it's become this asinine race to see who can be most offended. If the players want to do a meaningful protest, don't claim that it is some monumental sacrifice or effort when it clearly isn't.  It's a cheap shot done on the whims of some base political hackery.  I think a lot of these guys likely don't understand what they're being told to do.  They just know that they're in the crossfire and looking to what will garner the least criticism. I don't for a second believe that most people hemming and hawing about "disrespecting the flag" have the slightest clue as to what that even means.  All they know is to stand up when some celebrity sings, virtue signal that we're patriotic, and pretend that we support veterans when the vast majority of us don't do anything.  Fug yes, they'll act mad as hell when they need to virtue signal about patriotism.  It's the same social mechanisms.  "Look around.  See what everyone else in the immediate area is doing.  Go with the crowd." If you can find a large minority of people that don't support the idea of equal treatment, please show it to me.  You'll find no shortage of political figures and well-connected people that are perfectly fine with living by a different set of rules than the rest of us.  The VAST majority of the rest of us believe in the idea of being on equal footing even if we don't agree on what constitutes equal footing. If you want people to take what you say seriously, then do something meaningful.  This perpetual bucket of bullshit that saying the right things is all that matters should have been old and exposed long ago.