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"So what about this is objectively wrong?" (pg. 84 title change)

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21 hours ago, SZ James (banned) said:

antifa is wilin out here :Eyes_Emoji_42x42:


This is some fuging nazi fascist poo here.  I hope that guy sues the poo out of that department.

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The second gamer involved in a swatting case that began with a Call of Duty bet and ended with police killing an innocent man has been sentenced.

On Friday Casey Viner, 19, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his involvement the fatal incident. After his release he will be restricted from gaming for two years, according to the Associated Press.


In December 2017, Viner, an Ohio gamer, made a $1.50 bet with Tyler R. Barriss through the Call of Duty: WWII game, pressing Barriss to falsely report that another gamer, Shane Gaskill, was holding his own family hostage. Barriss has a history of this form of harassment known as “swatting,” in which culprits make bogus emergency calls in an effort to get law enforcement to arrive at the victim’s home.

Also shockingly...



Finch’s family filed a suit against the police officer who was killed Finch. The officer, who said he believed Finch was reaching for a gun, was never charged.


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Nothing to see here...  

I would like to know what the deputy planned to do with the tapes.




Article about it...  this dude is STILL the Sheriff




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1 hour ago, ImaginaryKev said:


"In 2007, while a senior in high school, Owens, who is African-American, received threatening racist phone calls that were traced to a car in which the 14-year-old son of then mayor Dannel Malloy was present. Owens' family sued the Stamford Board of Education in federal court alleging that the city did not protect her rights, resulting in a $37,500 settlement."

Funny how it was an issue then.

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