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"So what about this is objectively wrong?" (pg. 84 title change)

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17 hours ago, GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER said:


Ummm, how does any of that make any sense? 

And wholly poo the comments are just on pair with everything else.

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A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer was charged on Thursday with shoplifting food seven times from the Harris Teeter near SouthPark mall in south Charlotte.

Officer Samuel Yaravitz was arrested and charged with seven counts of larceny from the store as recently as Wednesday, police said.

He is suspended from the department without pay, Chief Kerr Putney said at an afternoon news conference at police headquarters.


he's been a cmpd officer for almost 19 years. makes you wonder what other laws he's broken over that time.

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Footage from the moments after the shooting, initially obtained by the Village Voice, shows that at least nine plainclothes officers were on the scene. Several of the plainclothes cops were taking aggressive action to clear the area of onlookers. One of the officers in the video is wearing a hat emblazoned with a large white skull. Another, who pushes his way through the intersection with sirens blaring, wears a shirt with the symbol of the vigilante comic book character, the Punisher.

cops love those punisher skulls

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A new Kansas law makes it a crime for police to have sex with people they pull over for traffic violations or detain in criminal investigations.

The new law bans sexual relations "during the course of a traffic stop, a custodial interrogation, an interview in connection with an investigation, or while the law enforcement officer has such person detained."

Now, you may be asking, wasn't that illegal already?

Actually, it wasn't.



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    • I mean we did suck last year.  23rd is probably right.  We didn't show anything until Rivera took over playcalling.
    • No what’s actually ignorant is the fact nobody on here actually seems to understand what Sharia is. That goes for all the leftist as well as the rightwing trumpers. This is what everybody actually thinks sharia law is, that they have twisted up...  “Some people falsely equate Sharia with criminal or huddud laws, which are centuries-old specific punishments for major crimes such as killing, adultery, or theft. Huddud laws are only a tiny part of Sharia and can only be applied by an Islamic state; it is questionable if any of the nations claiming to be “Islamic states” actually fit that description morally or structurally, so these laws are generally not applicable in a modern context, let alone in the U.S. Unfortunately, the misapplication of these laws by the Taliban or other contemporary groups or governments generally contradict both the letter and spirit of Sharia and have given it a bad name.” I found it incredibly amusing that everyone was so quick to jump on a bandwagon, when all I did was point out most of the fine print of that meme is actually true and nothing to worry about. As well as which parts were obviously dumb and false. But when people can’t see past the big print. Not much help for them.  
    • If our defense is bad again this season, I'm all for showing Ron the door.
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