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"So what about this is objectively wrong?" (pg. 84 title change)

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The murder of a Baltimore homicide detective shot in the head with his own gun two weeks ago has transformed into a feeding frenzy of speculation in a city filled with armchair sleuths and deeply suspicious views of law enforcers. 

The unsolved Nov. 15 killing of Detective Sean Suiter is the talk of Baltimore, where residents are dissecting details of the case in offices, on street corners and on social media. It's a homicide investigation, but the version of events offered up by police brass is being increasingly questioned since it came to light that the detective was shot a day before he was set to testify before a federal grand jury probing an elite unit of indicted officers.


Rumors about Suiter's killing went into overdrive when Davis confirmed last week that the acting U.S. attorney and FBI informed him that the detective was gunned down a day before he was to testify in an ongoing probe of a specialized gun recovery unit. Eight indicted Baltimore officers, including four who have pleaded guilty to racketeering, are accused of defrauding their department, falsifying evidence and shaking down citizens. The same week Suiter was shot, a Philadelphia officer became the ninth officer indicted in the probe of Baltimore's Gun Trace Task Force. 



Some people, including gossiping law enforcers, have speculated that Suiter might have shot himself, staging a suicide to look like a murder.



On the day of Suiter's shooting, police say he and his partner were working in a particularly rough section of West Baltimore. They wore badges and were dressed in suits and ties, as is standard for detectives. 

Davis said Suiter approached a "suspicious'' man in a vacant lot, leading to a violent confrontation in which he was shot with his own gun. Private video surveillance shows Suiter's partner taking cover across the street at the time of the shooting, according to the police commissioner. 



so this cop was scheduled to testify against a bunch of other cops facing literal gang charges after it was discovered that they've been planting drugs and shaking down baltimore area citizens. he gets shot with his own gun the day before he was set to testify and now the police department is floating rumors of suicide despite the fact that police commissioner has already said that suiter was shot by a "suspicious man in a vacant lot" (suiter's partner was present at the time)

i feel really bad for whoever these cops end up framing





lol what better way to let your fellow cops know you definitely aren't snitching than to put it in the news?

anyway there's a $215,000 reward that no one has claimed (because the people who know something also know they'd end up just like sean suiter)

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1 minute ago, GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER said:

i've got some bad news for you: baltimore isnt the only city that has cops

I'm sure...not many cities are pushing 1,000 homicides either.  I don't think you're find enough cops to blame all those on.  

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10 minutes ago, g5jamz said:

Sounds like a wonderful city

It is.


Love raising a family in it.


Although I hate the Ravens....I will say Go O's!



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2 minutes ago, g5jamz said:

I'm sure...not many cities are pushing 1,000 homicides either.  I don't think you're find enough cops to blame all those on.  



Baltimore is not even close to 1000.   Its a city of 3/4 of million that seems to have a lot of fentanyl moving through it and as Google pointed out a very suspect and corrupt policing system that componds the problem in pure street violence between those engaged in drug turf war.  


Ill let you in on a secret of Baltimore its a safe as anywhere else if you are not involved in the shifting markets as our opoid crisis grows.



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This makes me want to finish watching The Wire.


Baltimore cops, one of the many reasons I lean towards Adnan Syed not being guilty. 

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    • anyone who takes your calls for "community policing" seriously after seeing your reaction to that video and the rappin' cop's video is a rube. you don't belong here. you're not here in good faith. you're PR. i want to know why abusers are drawn to the profession and not weeded out. it's almost as if they have traits desirable to the position  it's literally best practice to assume so until proven otherwise. they have done nothing to curb the spread within their departments. it's almost as if they have traits desirable to the position  philadelphia, la, ny, chicago, baltimore, cleveland, columbus, st louis, phoenix, milwaukee, boston, etc it's everywhere. your attempts to diminish that won't go unnoticed. certainly not bad enough to compel you to do anything about it. best we've gotten is a rappin' cop who was shortly after exposed. you want "communication" and "community policing" up until it's time to blame a black victim for yet another cop's aggression. you don't have any answers that acknowledge the uh very obvious role police play in these cases. you're here to run cover for bad cops. the end.
    • Because I was addressing one specific clip here to try to understand what the issue with it was from your perspective because it seemed pretty cut and dry on the side of not being unreasonable. And you still haven't spoken on that.  Yeah, domestic violence sucks. Yeah, domestic violence by cops sucks. What the hell do you want there? Yeah, white supremacists suck. So now all cops are presumed to be white supremacists? Or cops are presumed to be spouse abusers? Philly has always been a hell hole, why are you shocked there?  Weird how despite the fact that I can agree when things are bad while not hating every cop because I realize individuals are responsible for their own actions, you seem to think I support those idiots. Of course, admitting that would show that you're actually the problem here but whatever.
    • how often do you get accused of being "very intelligent" officer? do you feel like there's a lot of brain power in your department?   studies show that police beat their partners at a rate 2-4x that of the national average. research conducted by the fbi revealed a concerted effort by white supremacists to infiltrate the police nationwide. in just the last week 72 cops in philadelphia alone were recently put on "administrative leave" after it was revealed that they were too stupid to lock down their social media accounts where they shared their racist memes. weird how despite those very real stories existing you were more concerned with your made up "research." who is walking around what here? people like you exist to deny brutality up to the point where it is completely undeniable. you then offer a meaningless "yeah that was bad" before moving on to your next defense. but you don't walk around the problem. how could you when you so clearly are the problem?
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