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Needs for next season

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We have the 24th pick it appears


Needs in order


1. WR by a Looooooooong shot- we have Funchess which well, has 1 good game followed by a handful of terrible ones.  We habe Curtis Samuel who was a Raw prospect comong out who never fully played the true WR position, never ran a route tree etc. Byrd, a travk guy who has been a solid practice squad guy.  Bersin, well its Bersin.  Oh yeah Shepard, about forgot that ghost who proved why he's never been more than a ST guy on terrible teams in this league. As much Beef as we give the OL and Kalil.  The WRs are doing NOTHING to help them out.  There is Zero threat where the corners need help and prevent teams from stacking the box.  OLs arent supposed to hold up forever too, so when you see Kalil getting Blown up after about 5 seconds, thats as mich on the WRs as the OL for failing to get open.


2. Safteies- they have completely fallen off a cliff.  And they are old.  They get Burned bad on the reg.

3. CBs- same as the safeties minus age.  They are Young but Terrible.  You take away the front 7 pressure this year, they get exposed big time.  If we didnt have a blitz happy D, and decided to rush 4 and hope the DBs hold.  We would be Torched and among the leagues worst defenses.

4. TE- Manhurtz is Terrible, Dickson cant block to save his life and when Shula uses him in the passing game, he drops most everything. 

5. OL- Lets all pray we can resign Norwell.  Kalil, Ryan that is needs to go.  Paying way to much for him.  Hes at the end of his career and become injured prone.  

6. DE- CJ is done, hopefully we can squeez another year from Pep.



RB- I have seen a common theme about wanting to get rid of Stewie and get a Chubb.

We have Waaaay bigger needs than RB.  Stewart as much as many want, hasnt fallen off the way Tolbert did.  The dude has run into stacked boxes more than anyone in the league (again thank you WRs for posing no threat) combined with some injuries up front.  When you have Amini the turn style blocking up front, and your old injured prone Center out and starting Larsen at Center, no RB is going to look good.

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