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Igor throws in the white flag

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Rayzor , mjligon and uncfan . I throw in the white flag . I no longer want beef with y'all , I'll gladly take this L and I'm looking to move on from our battles . 

I don't want to go back and fourth with y'all and keep making Alts I just want to use this Igor account. 

Please dont ban , I need to talk some football and I promise I won't post pics of my garbage or my toilet , you got my word and I sincerely mean it .

"people do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance . We are human beings ."- David Miller 

I wish to be granted a second chance here on the huddle , I believe I was miss understood and I was a bit vulgur showing my life .most of the time I done with I have done on the huddle was a result of me doing Xanax and drinking vodka . Which I have quit .

I talked to my dr and he told me  to apologize to y'all and see if y'all could forgive me for my sins here on the huddle. 

I pray for your forgiveness and I hope y'all can accept my wrong doings and we can move foward to this and keep pounding .

im sorry ....... And I really mean it 


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You know how many chances you've had? Especially with different alts and fresh starts?


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man i need to start checking my mentions more often

missed out on yet another chance to go back and forth with Igor before rayzor laid down the ban hammer

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This topic is now closed to further replies.