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    • anyone who takes your calls for "community policing" seriously after seeing your reaction to that video and the rappin' cop's video is a rube. you don't belong here. you're not here in good faith. you're PR. i want to know why abusers are drawn to the profession and not weeded out. it's almost as if they have traits desirable to the position  it's literally best practice to assume so until proven otherwise. they have done nothing to curb the spread within their departments. it's almost as if they have traits desirable to the position  philadelphia, la, ny, chicago, baltimore, cleveland, columbus, st louis, phoenix, milwaukee, boston, etc it's everywhere. your attempts to diminish that won't go unnoticed. certainly not bad enough to compel you to do anything about it. best we've gotten is a rappin' cop who was shortly after exposed. you want "communication" and "community policing" up until it's time to blame a black victim for yet another cop's aggression. you don't have any answers that acknowledge the uh very obvious role police play in these cases. you're here to run cover for bad cops. the end.
    • Because I was addressing one specific clip here to try to understand what the issue with it was from your perspective because it seemed pretty cut and dry on the side of not being unreasonable. And you still haven't spoken on that.  Yeah, domestic violence sucks. Yeah, domestic violence by cops sucks. What the hell do you want there? Yeah, white supremacists suck. So now all cops are presumed to be white supremacists? Or cops are presumed to be spouse abusers? Philly has always been a hell hole, why are you shocked there?  Weird how despite the fact that I can agree when things are bad while not hating every cop because I realize individuals are responsible for their own actions, you seem to think I support those idiots. Of course, admitting that would show that you're actually the problem here but whatever.
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