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    • I mean...I literally just used your own rationale and applied it to another player in a similar situation to see if your thought process was consistent. If I’m wrong in assuming your position on Burns, then that’s an indictment on your own reasoning. How is saying “All these other successful SEC LTs busted therefore Little has a greater chance of busting” (or whatever you’re arguing) different than “All these other successful Florida State pass rushers busted therefore Burns has a greater chance of busting”? I mean sure, now all of a sudden it’s “I watched him half-ass it for 3 years” but up until this point all you’d done is hold the failures of his predecessors against him. There was absolutely nothing substantive in any of your posts about him as a prospect. Also if he was able to dominate in the SEC at LT when “half-assing” it...then damn I can’t wait to see how he does if he’s properly motivated by something like...I dunno...money.
    • @Fryfan @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER With Williamson, I'm looking at the black response to her reparations call.  If there is big increase in black support towards her issue there, the other candidates will take notice, and begin talking about that as well.  She may not be the absolute best to present reparations, but she understands enough to go toe to toe with others on it.  She has spoken with Darity many times, so she has a good background.  Right now I want the pressure surrounding reparations to increase.
    • kamala harris would turn the camps into work camps. just based off of her record, of course. i said in the “leftist” bickering thread that there are other candidates i could be talked into. i will never vote for biden.
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