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Mr. Scot

The Coaching Staff (as it stands now)

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21 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

HEAD COACH: Ron Rivera


Quarterback Coach: Scott Turner

Runningbacks Coach: Jim Skipper (At 69, the oldest coach on staff)

Wide Receivers Coach: Help Wanted (Apply Within)

Assistant Wide Receivers Coach: Jerricho Cotchery

Tight Ends Coach: Pete Hoener

Offensive Line Coach (Run Game Coordinator): John Matsko

Assistant Offensive Line Coach: Travelle Wharton

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR: Eric Washington (sort of; the actual work will be done by Ron Rivera)

Defensive Line Coach: Sam Mills III

Linebackers Coach: Steve Russ

Secondary Coach: Richard Rodgers (temporarily, till they decide on his replacement)

Assistant Secondary Coach: Richard Rodgers (as soon as the new secondary coach is hired)


Assistant Special Teams Coach: Heath Farwell

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Joe Kenn

Defensive Quality Control: Vincent Rivera (Son of Ron)

Offensive Quality Control: Drew Terrell (no relation to Pat)



- Still no word on who might be up for the receiver coach. Old (and I do mean old) Turner colleague Terry Robiskie could be an option.

- So far, two (not quite as) old Rivera colleagues, Chuck Pagano and Perry Fewell, have interviewed for the secondary job. The expectation is that Richard Rodgers would go back to being the assistant.

- Despite loads of speculation that the Panthers could try to bring Steve Wilks back aboard as a DB coach or in some other capacity, there's been no indication the team has reached out to Wilks (or will).

- Another old Rivera co-worker, Steve Spagnuolo, has an excellent record as a DB coach but again so far there's no indication he's a candidate.

I wonder where ole Ron will move Rodgers to next. 

I just don’t get it. Wherever he goes, it’s the worst unit on the team. 

...and still he persists

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    • I was talking about reform. I want reform, but I understand what it means. The same people who are wanting reform and the same time say to defund police seem to limited by those two thoughts. They don’t think much more into it. Reform and change will cost. And it will cost big time. They go hand in hand. IF it is done properly. And it won’t be overnight. And it will be hard. Most protesters are in their 20s...and don’t understand taxes and costs and real change. Doesn’t make their cause any less important but it does mean that  they don’t fully understand it.  Under funding is one of the root causes of police brutality. Improper training. Incompetent hiring. Pathetic salary and wages. Those are some of the causes. If you want to improve and change those things it costs money and time. But no one wants to realize, we must give those things up, we must offer those things to truly change. It’s not simply as easy as hey don’t hire someone. There has to be a more quality option and candidate...but there really hasn’t been, by why? What does that candidate need to want to do that kind of work? These are things that need to be figured out and it WILL take resources and time to not only discover that but sustain it. As far as people psychological make up it’s just not that simple. It’s like saying a battered woman or man can simply leave their abuser if they choose to open up their eyes. That’s all it takes. It’s not true. Religion is a good example as well. These things are engrained to ones fabrication of being, right or wrong.    If you truly believe racism is something that is engrained into society you simply can not say it’s a matter of just turning a switch. People are all different, some are not built to be able to have the bravery to just change so rapidly. not with religion, not with abuse and not with social reform. As society it's our job not to discard these people, but to help them muster up the freedom to change their mentality. To finally leave that abuser, to respect other word views. To be taught self worth, self respect and respect to others.   Do not discredit other people's experiences, thoughts, biological make up and teachings in their life that has made them think they way they do or reasons they're person they are by assuming you understand them. I assure you, you don't. It is not possible to live a lifetime of another and thus impossible to understand. The answer is to keep teaching and keep learning. For everyone, myself included. Perhaps you and I were taught much better, or had experiences (negative or positive) or people in life like you said that help us. But maybe others haven't. But do not discount the time and work it will take others to change to something as simply as all of a sudden thinking different than what they have been their whole life. Furthermore to just expect tgem to take tgwir entire life experiences and beliefs and all of a sudden have to ability to 'see the light' and go against everything they've ever known. It's  not realistic. its not yuman nature. What is for one is not for another. This will take time, this will take patience and understanding, this will take education, and this WILL take money. I am willing to give this, are you? 
    • NC reported new record of positive cases at 1.4k and 10% of tests coming back positive in last 24 hours. Not a good trend.
    • I am literally amazed that anyone thinks it was disrespectful to the military. That is possibly the dumbest fuging thing I have heard since this started. It's made even worse by the fact that egotistical, crybaby(this is a football slight, not about the protest) literally was told by a veteran to kneel instead of sit.    How about this one. I constantly get dirty looks at sporting events for not taking off my hat during the anthem. Because it is a fuging MORONIC tradition. What does my bald ass head being exposed or not exposed have to do with "respect?" It's DUMB. But I guess not wanting to take off my hat means I am shitting into an APC filled with veterans, right?
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