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    • If anyone gives you poo because they (whites, I assume) do not think you should feel as you do, that in itself supports your statement.   Who the hell is a white man to tell a minority what should or should not offend them?  If you are white and decide what is appropriate for blacks and what is not--then you are demonstrating white privilege. If Ace feels there is white privilege, then listen to him and reflect--instead you give him poo.  You don't speak for me, aholes.  My opinion of Reid is a bit different because I look at it from the business side as well as the social justice side, but Ace is not making up how he feels--and it is not your call, brothers.
    • Democrats generally consider Biden's finest hour to be his debate performance against Paul Ryan in 2012.  Ryan is a little try-hard turd who wants to be thought of as an intellectual and policy wonk, and Biden easily shoved him around that night. Trump, on the other hand, doesn't give a fug about any of that.  Trump blurts out whatever flashes across his stimulant-addled sundowning brain no matter how wrong or outrageously stupid/nonsensical it is with the confidence of a man slapping a royal flush down on the table.  Biden can't counter it and would get sucked into the game.
    • Luke is the captain of the defense and Shaq is his lieutenant. Without them we got gashed up the middle. Plus we didn't game plan at all for them where they appeared to game plan for us picking on Carter for example.  So really the point was to give our starters reps together in order to get some film to evaluate.  The offense was looking at the line play and how we stood up to lots of blitzing. They used Allen and Grier as stand ins rather than risking Cam.  Special teams was a mixed bag as our kicker shined and the coverage teams struggled. But we made progress and we have some film on the defensive line and secondary.
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