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    • Exactly. Why draft a Jim Drunkenmiller when Payton Manning is available the next year.  Drunkenmiller was the first QB taken in '97. Manning was the first QB taken in 98. Of course, you've got to have good people making those decisions. You absolutely draft Drunkenmiller if your coach and GM are going to take Leaf in 98. I have zero confidence in our current coach / GM to make the right choice. 
    • If I were Tepper, I'd wait for about half this season to play out before I did anything. But right now I'm watching extremely closely and consulting people I trust on what to do next. If we go 0-8 or something horrendous like that I'd fire Rivera mid-season. Probably promote Norv or someone else on the staff for the rest of the season, whoever Tepper likes the most to give THEM a shot to try to put some juice back into the team. If that still doesn't work, I'm scrapping everything in the offseason. Hurney, Norv, Rivera, Washington.  Offseason comes, I've ALREADY done my homework during the season and already have a good idea who I'm hiring for the new management and coaching positions.  I'd say it depends on Cam's performance for the rest of this year, but if he has a mediocre or bad season he IS on contract in 2020 as his last year. If he's anywhere halfway decent this season in 2019 on the whole I'm keeping Cam, Luke, DJ, C-Samuel, Bradberry, Donte, Burns as the core of the team and everyone else is subject to change. I'm focusing on giving Cam and Luke the absolute best possible chances of victory in 2020. Getting the best coaches/staff in the offseason. Likely we have a high draft pick if we have a terrible season, so I'd be looking at a franchise LT and a young DE/OLB to compliment Burns .  Having a LONG talk with Cam in the offseason on where he wants to take the franchise, I'm going to try to help you in any way possible to succeed in 2020 etc. If you're hearts not in it anymore we're willing to cut bait and move on.   If Cam does keep playing and performs badly 2 years in a row (2019 AND 2020) , I'm simply not resigning him and letting him become a free agent at the end of his deal at age 31/32. Wouldn't be the end of the universe for Cam IMO, that's still fairly young for a QB, he could either retire or try to rejuvinate his career elsewhere, he'd get plenty of chances being a former MVP. 
    • If the season is over, why worry about football sense. You should start thinking business sense.  Word has been going around that Tepper wanted Mike Tomlin fired. It makes no sense at all to not want to fire Rivera. 
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