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I am sorry but James Borrego sucks.

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10 hours ago, MillionDollarCam said:

I originally faulted Borrego but if we're being honest we've had five different coaches (Larry Brown, Paul Silas, Mike Dunlap, Steve Clifford, and James Borrego) since Jordan bought a majority stake in the Charlotte basketball franchise.

Larry Brown put it best:

"It was the worst," Brown said during an interview on the Dan Patrick show this week. "And when your hero [Jordan] fires you... I just couldn't believe it. You know I love the guy, think he's brilliant, but he's around people who don't have a clue. And they won't challenge him."

As a Carolina fan I love Michael, but man he has ruined any potential this franchise had. It would be one thing if his "big name" presence drew in big time free agents but the best we've been able to do during Jordan's tenure is Al Jefferson and he gave credit to Kemba for recruiting him.

You couple his drafting habits with some of the awful free agent signings we've had and it's no wonder we are a poo show. 

There is a not a team that has a worse future (on paper) than the Charlotte Hornets.

very good write up
I hope something changes soon

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16 hours ago, djp14 said:

When it comes to spending, the Hornets have been in the top half of the league for the past 3 years. Hell, they were 10th in payroll in 2016/17.

Being cheap isn't the reason we suck.

good points, the money isn't being invested well. 
we lose time and money with the roster and office decisions

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