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London games

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Hi all, 

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

As a UK based fan, I was wondering what people thought of having a game in the UK? 

I know that Spain tries to do the same with soccer teams which was so controversial they scrapped the idea. And that was only giving up one home game out of 19.

The Panthers are the 'away' team for this game which is good as it will really mean it's like getting  a 9th home game as they are more popular than the Buccs in the UK. 

This worked in the Eagles and Seahawks favour last year as both were supposed to be the away team but the games became like home games as the majority of fans at the game supported them. This will be the case for the Panthers as well as they are a more popular team than the Buccs here in the UK. 

Is any one here planning to go? Are you happy about having a game in London?

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I’m a UK based fan too from Scotland. Hoping the dates work our ok so I can get to the game in London. Due to go on holiday in October so may be an issue. 

Can’t wait!

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